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NEW!!! 15 Minute Full Body Fat Burner | The Body Coach TV

NEW!!! 15 Minute Full Body Fat Burner | The Body Coach TV

NEW!!! 15 Minute Full Body Fat Burner | The Body Coach TV

If you’re feeling upset, frustrated or stressed today, exercise is a fantastic way to boost your energy and lift your mood 😀 You always feel better after a workout.

15 moves | 45 seconds work | 15 seconds rest

Squat side kick
Walkout 2 push ups
Single leg bicycle crunches
Running punches
Squat pulses (3 at a time)
Up down plank
Reverse lunge knee drive (right)
Reverse lunge knee drive (left)
Push ups (2 narrow 2 wide)
Elbow plank
Run on the spot with burpees
Mountain climbers
Crab toe touches
4 spider climbers 2 push ups
Squat jumps

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Video for Lose Weight Fast Joe Wicks
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  1. Thank you for putting these workouts into the world. I would love it if you could do a hands free routine. I'm recovering from an injury and can't put any weight on my hand/wrist.

  2. Killer mate. Today's been a hard one. Needed to push my body, remind it of this kind of adversity also. Thank you mate. Honestly, I appreciate your channel and you so much 😀❤️👌🎉💪😃

  3. the real thing I love about this workout is how it shows even a man as well exercised as him is panting like a dog doing a workout like this, it really shows that really in all the over workouts with other people when they have music playing they are still struggling as hard as us even if it doesn't look like it, I also love the fact in this workout he's talking like he's my personal trainer too haha i feel like he's doing the workout with me on a zoom call XD. thanks for this workout man!

  4. I am from pakistan and I love your videos! You push me to the max and make me feel better about myself

  5. Thank you so much, great workout. Vision went a bit fuzzy at the end, think that's how you know it worked 😂

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