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Obesity and IVF: How Weight Affects Women's Fertility

Obesity and IVF: How Weight Affects Women's Fertility

Obesity and IVF: How Weight Affects Women's Fertility

Being obese can reduce your chances at conceiving spontaneously and through IVF. Many physicians first recommend that their obese patients lose weight in order to solve their fertility issues, however, this may not always be the correct recommendation. Learn more about CHR’s individualized approach to obesity and IVF by visiting our website: http://bit.ly/2IxFUKA

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  2. If your spouse is overweight, don't waste your resources trying IVF. If there's no serious commitment to change lifestyle, what serious commitment can be made to begin with? Doctors in IVF clinics are in the business of IVF. They will push for IVF. They have nothing to lose.

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  4. A lot of women don't like to hear it, but losing weight helps when trying to conceive. Very interesting about the lipids penetrating the eggs thus compromising embryonic quality.

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