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Patients on new diet drug, Belviq are losing weight fast

Patients on new diet drug, Belviq are losing weight fast

Patients on new diet drug, Belviq are losing weight fast

It is time to check in with our three patients taking the new diet drug, Belviq to find out how much weight they have lost so far.

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  12. Hey Guys!
    My story: April 2017
    I Started Belviq last week and I was so excited about it! Unfortunately, I had only taken 2 pills and suffered unbearable headaches for non- stop 24 hrs. It was really scary and i decided not to try it the next day because that headache wasn't a normal headache it almost sent me to the hospital! Everyone is different so you have ever to at least try for yourself you may have a different outcome than me. 🙂 Best Wishes to you all on this pill.

  13. I love Belviq I lost 50 lbs on my own with low carb and I was a type 2 diabetic got off all insulin but then I told my doctor that I'm still hungry she reccomended Belviq and it's wonderful I also excersise everyday and Belviq really works For ME I'm not hungry all the time and I'm always full on 3 bites I don't pack a lot of food on my plate anymore I portion everything best pill ever and in addition almost every pill has side effects

  14. I haven't really had any issues except chills, but it's also late winter in Connecticut. Other than that, not a problem. I've lost 20lb so far, and I've only been on it a month. It's coupled with a very strict diet. No issues with compliance, and no problems with allergy medications either. It's a serotonergic, so it hits that part of my brain that never really seemed to function well in the first place (I was on antidepressants for years and was a very irritable child.)

  15. I have list 65 lbs since jan thanks to this shit….. Anyone who is obese needs to try this…if you want any info on it worked for me, hit me up…… Anyone who is fat and doesn't..oh well too bad for you

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