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Red Dead Redemption 2 how to get to the perfect weight advice & help

Red Dead Redemption 2 how to get to the perfect weight advice & help

Red Dead Redemption 2 how to get to the perfect weight advice & help

Welcome back to another episode video (Part 3) I called a snake oil potion a snake eye potion haha. I talk about my horse and experiences in Red Dead Redemption 2 as a positive life reality, this is a relaxed subject, please enjoy my fun content.

This video is about breaking down particular fundamentals which may seem unusual within the achievement and maintaining the perfect weight., varieties of options and solutions to small shrouded bits of information that could in some cases become valuable, Many players adapt quickly to new discovered mechanic’s in-game and some players like to know other different points of the mechanical features in a shelf by shelf introduction for a layered memory order.

Being part of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang is also about caring for your Noble Steed, it’s origin, health, wellbeing, diet and it’s identity. Explaining a little about my counterpart ride that Rockstar games/Take two interactive have provided us the players to treasure and to parent for, would provide the viewers with a reflection that our horse is also extremely important. Please enjoy the video.

This is entertainment for you the viewers.

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  1. Help iam stuck in average weight as arthur i didnt eat since 5 days and even did some sport like running. I also go to sleep every night and then this arrow goes down but nothing changes on my weight class help

  2. Never worked for me, tried all the methods for 4 days in real life and it never worked, spend 3295$ trying to get the perfect weight, thank you rockstar.

  3. The intro about your horse literally made me wanna ask Aquarius, “what’s her current stance on the growing climate crisis?” 😂

  4. There's next to nothing out there about how to get Arthur to a perfect weight. Both on YouTube and on Google. Thanks for the video. It would be cool if you could tell us how to get there from average, and once at perfect, how to maintain it. You know…like a daily regiment.
    Again, thanks for the videos!

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