Lose Weight Fast

Rowing for Weight Loss: 3 Easy Tips to Guarantee Your Success

Rowing for Weight Loss: 3 Easy Tips to Guarantee Your Success

Rowing for Weight Loss: 3 Easy Tips to Guarantee Your Success

Rowing for weight loss is no easy task. There are plenty of hurdles to overcome and pitfalls that happen when losing weight in general. So if you’re trying to lose weight rowing, then be smart about your approach. Lay a strong foundation, build accordingly, and take your time. The weight loss journey doesn’t happen overnight and by knowing what to expect you can guarantee your success.

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  1. Me Me Me!!!! I am a runner that cant run anymore foot injury. Really looking for help in this department. I have my concept 2 erg rower and not sure where to go from here. I find the display board to be a bit confusing for me. I just want to get on and go. I know I have a lot to learn and hope I can do that with you.

  2. I'm 6 days into rowing & loving it. Actually looking forward to working out. I haven't been this passionate about an activity since I last stepped off a soccer field some 20 years ago. I was underweight my entire life until about 4 years ago. Boom. What everyone always told me happened….weight gain. But I'm to the point now where I'm over where my pregnancy weight was with my first child. With a beer belly. And I'm hating it. Rowing is my release, my happy place. Whatever weight loss/belly loss comes of it is a mental gain. Thank you for your videos. The term, "dark horse" is deeper than just a workout video to me.

  3. I decided a couple months ago that I was really sick and tired of being overweight. I wanted to do something about it, so I started going to the gym 5 times/week. A little bit of cardio and weight training, plus a quick ab workout from a Crossfit champion.
    I had always been interested in rowing, because I knew it was a good full body workout, but I had no experience with it.
    Found Dark Horse on a YouTube search and it's been hugely helpful!

  4. I could not have started on this journey without Shane's videos. He's the best coach and after only 4 weeks of rowing 50,000 metres (with proper form) I'm addicted.

  5. Shane, thanks for your video and continuous guidance. I have been rowing for one month using three of your videos, but I'm sure there are more that could also help me improve. Thanks again!!

  6. i have rowed all my life .i have also been over weight all my life rowing is great don't get me wrong i used to use it as a way of controlling my weight . in fact i used to do a harlf marathon every day i once did a full marathon every day for a month and actually put on weight ………. what makes you fat is what you eat you carnt exercise your self thin it dost work like that i have lost 50kg in 6 months i have gone from 150kg to 100kg and have got another 20 kg to go i have done it by redosing my daily food intake to 500cals a day i also do a 30 Minuit row just before bed my split on a marathon used to be 213 my split is now 235 and at the end of 30 mins i am existed eat only once a day at about 1700 doing a row last thing at night with a empty stomach forces your body to move fat from your fat stores and convert it in to energy to put in your muscles and liver[ witch you have just emptied doing the row] while you sleep YES ITS HARD but i can now fit in normal cloths i can now fit in a boat if i chose to row my knees don't hurt when i go up stars my blood pressure is 124/75 it was 160/100 witch is why i started the real effort to lose weight i have now got my life under control and am losing 10kg every 4/5 weeks eat less and when you stop losing weight eat evan less i am 50 been doing this for 6 months and have survived what you eat is how you lose weight exercise for losing weight is over rated but it can help a bit JUST EAT LESS yes it is hard but once you see results it helps

  7. Thanks for all your great video's. Im from The Netherlands, 66 year old woman. Never liked sports, tried a lot. I bought a waterrower a few weeks ago and I row every day now with your video's . I really like it till now. thanks to your video's.

  8. Hello, new follower. Why do you recomend the Mr. Right water rower. Is it just for price. I see the Concept 2 in your videos and Im concerned for the noise level, also there is a waitlist.

  9. 60 year old started rowing every day for 10-20 minutes on an Oxford 6 with your beginners videos. Thank you for explaining it all in great detail!

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