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Running vs Cycling for Weight Loss. Which One Loses More Weight?

Running vs Cycling for Weight Loss. Which One Loses More Weight?

Running vs Cycling for Weight Loss. Which One Loses More Weight?

Weight loss is one of the primary reasons beginner triathletes get into running and cycling, in this video we compare running vs cycling for weight loss.

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Video for Lose Weight Faster Running Or Cycling
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  1. Greate video! I wish I would know this before I started to experience it self 😇 There is one more thing. Running is a high impact and biking is a low impact activity. Unlike running, I can bike almost every day with the right intensity. With running I definitely have to rest more often to recover.

  2. brilliant content Triathlon Taren. I crushed the thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the awesome work.

  3. Cannot see my comment anymore…? Now i have to do it again. Sharing my succesful ways in case that help or give idea to someone.
    1. Loggin all the food consumed.
    Did that for 3 months and lost weight. Probably not because of the calories counting (always imprecise) but because it kind of forces you towards healthier, unprocessed food (you don't want to log junk)
    Drawback: it is a tedious chore. Might not be sustainable in the long term
    2. Having a consistent routine
    Everyday I eat the same things until dinner, where I have more freedom (which can be junk, tbh).
    But before it is always the same (no breakfast, then oat+almond milk, chia seeds and blueberries, then fruit smothies after run. sometime speanut butter for snack)
    In this routine, I also completely avoid sugary things – to my big surprise, don't miss it at all after say one week
    Hope this helps

  4. Taren…why are YOU giving weightloss advice when you can't stick to anything for more than 1 training block and consistency is the ONLY THING that matters?

  5. Thanks for the info Taren. One request, please stop the background music when you are talking or bring down the volume very low. It's a distraction and I prefer to hear what you have to say. Cheers

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