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Should I Do Cardio for Weight Loss? – Dr.Berg Talks About Exercise, Cardio and Weight Loss

Should I Do Cardio for Weight Loss? – Dr.Berg Talks About Exercise, Cardio and Weight Loss

Should I Do Cardio for Weight Loss? – Dr.Berg Talks About Exercise, Cardio and Weight Loss

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Today, I want to talk to you about exercise. Should you do cardio for weight loss?

Exercise only contributes 15% of your results with weight loss. The majority of your results will come from diet.

There are basically two types of exercise for weight loss:

• Aerobic — Low Intensity (with oxygen)
• Anaerobic — High intensity (without oxygen)

Aerobic exercise:

An example would be walking.
• Fat burning effects occur after 25 minutes 
• Low-stress type of exercise 

Anaerobic exercise:

An example would be HIIT

• You’re working out 20-40 minutes
• Fat burning effects occur 24-48 hours after the workout during sleep

Some barriers you may run into:

• What you eat 
• Sleep (you need sleep)
• Quantity of exercise 
• Intensity (needs to be adjusted to your recovery)
• Frequency 
• Recovery (the benefit of exercise occurs in the recovery phase)
• Stress 

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  1. 15% is not insignificant! especially for people planning to lose 30+ pounds, that’s the difference between losing 25 pounds (without cardio) and 30 pounds (with cardio). Also to maintain ur weight loss it really helps.

  2. Doc, is ACV safe for intestines? Some might say It can damage your intestines due to the acids.

  3. Dr. Berg is exercising 7 days a week? I try to do that but only if I don't have other stressors and I feel like I've recovered enough. Even then I keep it to the minimum effective dose idea of Dr. McGuff.

  4. May the world have more doctors like you.. You make things simple to understand. Thankyou sooo much!

  5. I'm having a lot of success with weight loss using controlled carbs (not keto necessarily) & MAF low intensity aerobic training. I actually believe there may be a fat burning adaptation that supersedes the calories burned whilst doing the thing.

  6. So walking for 30 minutes only gives you 5 actual minutes of fat burn time? And if you walk for less than 25 minutes, there is no benefit?
    Sometimes I will walk just ONE mile and it takes me 22 minutes. Does that mean…I basically did nothing? (Even tho I'm sweating)

  7. I think you'd find Tai Chi interesting if you were to look into it, Eric.

    It's only truly effective when an emphasis is placed on posture and the things that can grant you perfect balance. A competent teacher or author will also emphasize relaxation.

  8. doctor, my husband has very high cholesterol maybe genetic not sure .. he is on dash diet and exercises ard 1.5 hr twice per week he is not losing weight could you advice?

  9. I went from 209lbs to 193 in 1 months from doing OMAD. No exercise at all. I cut out carbs and stopped eating outside completely. Drink nothing but water. I don’t like exercising at all so I do what works for me.

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