Lose Weight Fast

Struggling To Lose Weight Through Cycling? This Could Be Why

Struggling To Lose Weight Through Cycling? This Could Be Why

Struggling To Lose Weight Through Cycling? This Could Be Why

Weight, and weight loss is a delicate subject in cycling, but it’s an essential factor in sporting performance. Sometimes no matter how much exercise and bike riding you do, it can feel like you’re just not losing any weight….

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  1. This video should be banned.THis is a conspiracy to stop people having 8 or 9 beers after a good run out.

  2. There is a rule to calorieburn and excersize: walking and running burns 1 calorie x kg bodyweight x km, that means that 10 km walking for an 80kg person burns 800calories. Cycling burns 1/3 meaning that an 80 kg person have to cycle 30km to burn 800 calories. 800 calories is the amount in 100g fat.

  3. A breakfast, 2 Energy drinks, 2 gels and 2 bars seem a bit too much nutrition for a 2k calories ride

  4. The best way to lose weight is not to eat. None of the advice of eating less and exercising more take the effects of ghrelin, leptin, hormone sensitive lipase or insulin into account.

  5. Anyone tried the Okibetonic Secrets? I have heard many awesome things about it and my cooworker lost a ton of weight with Okibetonic Secrets (search on google).

  6. this guy is so hot 😀 wish they had guys like him in Calgary, motivation for longer hours of biking hahah

  7. Even if I didn't cycle, I would still watch GCN for its entertainment value. All of the presenters are good. Ollie is a genius-level presenter I think. I don't know how much of the material he writes, but he makes it sound as though it is his work and he has such great comedic presence and is just naturally very likeable.

  8. Your BMR is not fixed. In November, I was weight stable at 200 lbs/90kg eating 2800 kcal. Today, I am weight stable at 175 lbs/79kg eating 3100 kcal. The key is to cut calories for 6-8 weeks and then bring calories back up for 4-6 weeks before cutting again and finishing by bringing them up again.

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