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The BEST Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Fat Quickly (HIIT Training)

The BEST Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Fat Quickly (HIIT Training)

The BEST Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Fat Quickly (HIIT Training)

If you aren’t currently using HIIT as part of your fat loss regimen, then you’re missing out! In this treadmill sprints workout, I’m going to be showing you how to properly do HIIT training on the treadmill. I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding the best way to do treadmill sprints, how to safely get off the treadmill during rest intervals, and ideal treadmill settings to start at. In this video I will be addressing all of the above.

If you’re a beginner, I suggest trying out the “beginner” sprints workout shown in my video. Otherwise, if you have some experience with HIIT, you can jump right into the advanced treadmill workout that I did in my video. But don’t worry too much about the numbers, the key is to choose settings that allow you to reach 85-95% of your max heart rate throughout the workout. This will enable you to reap the majority of benefits of HIIT.

I hope this video helps out, if you have any questions then let me down in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more!

Also, sorry for my camera constantly going in and out of focus!


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  1. Will my abs show after doing this for around 3-6 months? I plan on combining this as well as swimming for my workout.

  2. I like this video cuz he jump to the point immediately without telling us his life-achievements story. I get enough to info in 5 minutes more that 15 minutes on other “professional trainer” channels. Very helpful 👌🏻

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