Lose Weight Fast

The Result of Losing Weight Too Fast

The Result of Losing Weight Too Fast

The Result of Losing Weight Too Fast

Whatever you do, don’t make a drinking game about me raising and opening my arms in this video, You’ll be dead in 2 minutes.

I’ve already addressed the way I’ve lost weight, through rigorous diet and exercise, but I think I pushed myself a little too hard so I made this video to let people know what happens when you lose too much weight too fast. Everyone says a healthy weight loss ratio is about 1-2 pounds a week. Follow that rhetoric. I’ve been fat for a long time, and my skin couldn’t keep up what how much I was losing. So don’t take my routine as a good example for losing weight, take it easier than I did so your figure can sync up with your weight loss accordingly.

Also, this is not the video on the often requested subject I’ve been receiving, I know I’m putting it off but I want to take my time getting it right. So thank you for bearing with me.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video.

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  1. That's not loose skin, you still have fat to burn, loose skin is waay thinner than that, either way your advice still stands true, slow weight loss is better though

  2. I Weighed 310 at my highest and 190 and my lowest (lost 120lbs! within 6 months) I had saggy bingo arms tho they werent even bad, weightlose.fitness i just lacked muscle and didnt work out. and could easily be toned by working out, which i have been doing and ive seen great results quick. I do have a lil extra pudge on my stomach and plenty of stretchmarks which have faded. Strength training is the best way to go for faster results, better results, and you'll love going to the gym more than if you were to do cardio alone. Do not worry about sagging skin – deal with it when you get there because you'll be way happier at your goal weight with some extra skin compared to where you begin!

  3. After back surgery I had multiple blood clots in my legs that ended up in my lungs. Blood thinners made everything taste horrible. Now I look like a POW. Nothing tastes good anymore.

  4. Try this–as a physical therapist and now self help guy in the YT world. I tell my followers and subs that when doing an "Assessment of Self" you have to analyze if you are really at a rock bottom. Once you are then design the plan climb out and sounds like you are. Losing a lot of weight is NOT like those silly shows like The Biggest Loser where they are losing entirely too much weight too fast at way higher of a target heart rate than safe. You should be at a training target heart rate as long as cleared by the MD with no other medical issues. Then you build to a program of 45 -60 minutes of it an hour. By target heart rate I mean pulse rate. You exercise at that pulse rate. Here is the formula to find that called the Karvonen formula: 1) first find maximum heart rate 220-age. For me 220-53= 167 beat per minute (pulse rate). Then find your pulse at your wrist. For me it's 70 beats a minute. I take my Max HR and resting HR (heart rate) plug into this equation for this equation for 60% target heart rate which is a good median.
    .6(max HR-resting HR) + (resting HR)
    .6 (167-70) +97= 128 beats a minute

    128 on your pulse rate is your training rate. You exercise for 10 minutes and check and see where you are at. If you are lower then pick up the pace and if you are higher you can slow it down a little. But you stay there and build to 45 minutes a day. Do that and watch the diet as you said and set up a diet (like richard simmons deal a meal is good) that is healthy and you will lose 1-2 pounds a week —-and two years later you are a whole new you. And enjoy the process. Hope that helps—-Charles

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