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THE WORST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT | How You're Hindering Your Progress – Real Talk with MissFitAndNerdy

THE WORST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT | How You're Hindering Your Progress – Real Talk with MissFitAndNerdy

THE WORST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT | How You're Hindering Your Progress – Real Talk with MissFitAndNerdy


Have you ever thought to yourself:
“I’m doing everything I’m supposed to! Why am I not losing weight?”
Or: “What is the worst and best way to lose weight?”
Or even: “How do I lose these last ten pounds and get abs?”
Then you’ve come to the right video! And if you want to learn a fun fact about metabolic adaptation, you’re also in the right place 🙂 In this video I talk about how the body adapts to cardio extremely quickly and why this means that it is not the best way to try to lose weight.

Shoutout to MindPumpRadio (a podcast you all should listen to) for bringing this study to my attention

Study: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040503

Doubly Labeled water method: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK233774/


1. Obviously there are other “worse” ways to lose weight, including disordered eating patterns. That is something I may address in a future video but did not discuss in this video because I simply wanted to highlight the misconceptions about cardio and fat loss

2. I don’t want it to seem like I don’t think anyone should ever do cardio! There are sooo many great benefits of doing cardio and it is very important to get your heart rate up for 75 minutes of vigorous activity or 150 minutes of moderate level activity per week. That being said, resistance training, if done at an appropriate intensity does elevate heart rate and can count as cardiovascular training so its not like you don’t get cardio through lifting. All I wanted to convey was that pure cardio is not the most effective way to lose weight because the body adapts to it extremely quickly.

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  2. There's a video on PBS called The Truth About Fat by NOVA – it was mind blowing. It talks about the tribe you're referring to and explains a lot about weight loss. My cardiologist told me to watch it and it was very eye opening. I definitely recommend it.

  3. So, maybe I am worrying about nothing, but from my understanding we need an amount of water and oxygen intake and an amount of water and carbon dioxide output in order to get rid of an amount of fat. Do I need to worry about having enough cardio to increase my release of enough carbon dioxide so I can metabolise burning off that fat? Is the amount of CO2 emited from the human body a critical factor for an obese person's weight loss?

  4. The benefits of “movement” remind me of the benefits of having money. If you have no money, you’re gonna have a bad time. If you never move, gonna have a bad time. But once you reach that threshold with each of them where you can live properly, the benefits stop exponentially increasing as you go up. 😅 You don’t need a billion dollars. You don’t need to run 24/7.

  5. I think I have an eating disorder and I wanna ask how to get back on track on eating enough without gaining fat and losing my shape. I know I need to eat way more calories but I really don't want to ruin my hard worked for progress so I want help. This brings me to the questions.

    *The first question is: What if I increase my calories by 500 a day instead of 50-100 a week for the reverse diet then continue my cardio?

    *The second question is: When I get back to my usual routine on Friday, (in two days) should I begin the reverse diet on the amount of calories I am currently in-taking? (This is about 1,700-2,200) or should I start a fresh and start from the restrictive calories (1,000-1,400) then add an extra 50 cals per week for the reverse dieting?

    *Lastly: How do I properly increase my calories again and not go back to being overweight? I would like to eat more food and be less restrictive and not gain much fat and enjoy weight loss again. How can I get my metabolism back?

    Please help. Thanks, take care
    – Lauryn

  6. I do both cardio and resistance, but still have struggles losing weight. I’m also having problems increasing my strength despite doing a lot of strength training.

  7. So I've wondered when you are trying to lose fat and are weight lifting, how do you reccomend counting the calories you should eat each day? Whenever I use an online formula and i lift weights, I feel like I'm starving.

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