Lose Weight Fast

Top Exercises To Lose Weight | 8 Min Everyday Fat Burning | -3kg in week

Top Exercises To Lose Weight | 8 Min Everyday Fat Burning | -3kg in week

Top Exercises To Lose Weight | 8 Min Everyday Fat Burning | -3kg in week

Summary of top exercises to lose weight | 8 minutes to burn fat every day | you will burn -3kg in a week | Let’s practice together

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  1. Hello everyone… Do this exercise in 1 week with diet you can lose -3kg.. YOU CAN DO??? Tell me your results ❤️

  2. hey yall, im doing this + 3 workouts so let me update you!

    (if i dont update please comment so i remember to! <3)

    day 1: first day so yeah it was pretty hard but i did everything, i cant wait to see results i belive in myself! <3

  3. my friends mocked me and called me elephant and pig 🙂 even my family also mocked me elephant and pig .., I became the subject of bullying at my school because I was fat, this video is very helpful for me. I want to change myself from now on, I also have a crush on someone oh I hope he likes me too hahaha 😀 I'm in high school, I just graduated from elementary school, and now I'm going to change myself! I feel very lucky to have a sister who always cheers me on..!<3THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS!! THIS WILL HELP ME SO MUCH!🥺❤️‍🩹💞

  4. 1 do this for a month
    Day 1- feel tired take rest between exercise and feel pain in legs and stomach
    Day – 2 not so good just like yesterday. 😞
    Day 3- good but i take break for 20 second between two exercise.

  5. Day 1:done
    Day 2:i see little bit difference
    Day 3:done
    Day 4:done
    I restart with exercise
    Day 1:done
    Day 2:done
    Day 3:done

  6. Yo si q les estaré diciendo cómo va no me voy a olvidar os lo aseguro
    1er día: demasiado cansada y mucho sudor
    2o día:

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  8. Hey guys here's my results:)
    Day 1: done✔
    Day 2: sore but still did it
    Day 3: saw my stomach got flatter
    Thx sm!!!

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