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Ultimate System

Ultimate System

Ultimate System

The Xyngular Ultimate System lives up to its name. Ultimate is Xyngular’s most effective system to lose the most weight, the fastest, while improving your whole-body health. It is also the best value as it contains our most effective weight loss and health products all in one system, and with each Ultimate purchase, you receive a 0 product credit toward your next purchase to help you continue your weight loss journey.

Ultimate features our award-winning product, Trimstix, our popular meal replacement, Lean Meal, as well as Probiotix, a tasty and potent formula for gut health. Become the ultimate you: trim, fit, healthy, and happy.


Xyngular is about changing lives. Founded in 2009, Xyngular features innovative, wellness-driven products designed to help people look better, feel better, and live better.

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