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Use These FASTING SECRETS To Lose Weight & Prevent CANCER! | Jason Fung & Lewis Howes

Use These FASTING SECRETS To Lose Weight & Prevent CANCER! | Jason Fung & Lewis Howes

Use These FASTING SECRETS To Lose Weight & Prevent CANCER! | Jason Fung & Lewis Howes

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In today’s episode, Dr. Fung and I dive deep into some topics discussed in his new book, The Cancer Code, to learn the science behind the disease and how our diet and fasting can play a role in managing and even preventing us from getting cancer.

“The seed of cancer may exist in all of us, but the power to change the soil is in our hands.” – Dr. Fung

We had such an incredible conversation that I just had to split this interview into two parts! You’re definitely going to want to stick around for part two on Wednesday — Dr. Fung is bringing the science, wisdom, and inspiration we need to take control of our health. Let’s go!
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  1. QUESTION – @LewisHowes if autophagy can consume the excess skin as protein, how is it possible that people that get Gastric Bypass (which is essentially a forced fast process to reduce consumption) often have baggy "elephant" loose skin? I'm just wondering what is the primary difference, could you please find out and reply? Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. I started fasting after a dermatologist and a specialist on allergies could not find out what was causing my eczema. I fasted the first time Fiorela 3 days and I could see the difference. So I learned it was food related. When I read Dr. Gundry’s Plant Paradox book and I learned I was extremely sensitive to lectins. Now days every time I want to be in a great place I do 5 days liquid fasting. I am sure that my eczema has saved me from other illness, fasting is a blessing!

  3. Lewis questions are amazingg!! Thank u both 🙏🏻🤍

  4. It was great when Dr. Fung mentioned that while recreationally exercising (3-4 times per week) you could also fast and you won't lose muscle and can actually grow muscle, because you still got the fat storage used for energy, unless you are training professionally. It makes total sense. The only bad thing about fasting is that you need to buy new fittings clothes, but the health benefits outweigh the costs.

  5. 37:40 Questions about effects on digestion was exactly what I was looking for. A few years after I began intermittent fasting, I noticed my digestion was really slow and felt bloated all the time after eating. I thought the fasting messed up my digestion. But now, I'm not sure if that's related to the fasting at all or if it's because I'm actually sensitive to the refined carbs because I noticed when I eat just meat and vegetables, the bloated feeling is absent.

  6. Cancer is a warning light.. think about a car. The warning light is signaling a problem with the system. Perhaps.. we are attacking the warning signal vs addressing the thing that causes the signal to “go off”.

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