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"Walking" A Great Exercise for Weight Loss & Fitness, If You Know These Secrets!

"Walking" A Great Exercise for Weight Loss & Fitness, If You Know These Secrets!

"Walking" A Great Exercise for Weight Loss & Fitness, If You Know These Secrets!

“Walking” A Great Exercise for Weight Loss & Fitness, If You Know These Secrets!

Bob and Brad discuss the secrets to using walking as a form of exercise and weight loss.

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Video for Lose Weight Fast By Walking
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  1. Walk for an hour and a half daily, wow I wish I had time like that outside of working, going to school, taking care of a family, and chores. I use my 1 hour lunch break to walk, I don't eat breakfast or lunch then I run/walk, not the best set up but I'm trying

  2. My mom is like that! It drives me crazy walking with her sometimes because I have to run to keep up 😂 I don't know how she does it when those short legs.

  3. I have been hitting it hard at the gym from February with no drop on the scale at all. Until I decided to change my diet, within two weeks, I had dropped 2kg's and I almost fainted thinking about how much time I wasted not eating ryt, just dependent on gym, basically I was just maintaining my weight by going to the gym without a healthy diet. Biggest mistake, but I learnt from it.

  4. "Its more about establishing a habit" this is the most important thing said in this video. If we make it a habit, we make it our lifestyle. Fitness becomes a habit just like brushing the teeth everyday. 👍

  5. I LOST 40kg!!! Now I'm feeling healthy. I only followed tips from website called Agoge Diet. They provided me with 30 meal plan, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and make your own body transfromation!!!

  6. Recovering from a herniated disc (l5-s1) that happened 2 years ago. The lack of exercise caused me to get depressed and gain 50lbs and I developed high blood pressure – I’m 25! I was a track athlete in High School which makes it even harder not being able to run.

    So I Started walking a month ago and started with .5miles per walk. Back hurt for the first week but I’m now doing 1.5-2miles a day and my back feels so much better. Also doing pretty much all hills here in Ohio and going uphill seems to be easier on my back but it gets my heart rate going. My BP has lowered and I’ve dropped 12lbs. My goal is 60lbs.

    Walking is underrated, so is eating clean. Thanks for the video guys!

  7. Worst advice ever, best time to go walking is in the morning, have a juice for energy, do two to three hours minimum. First hour your 50 percent fat burning second hour in bodys wisdom body kicks into burning fat at a higher rate up to 70 percent , so do two hours at least.

  8. If anyone needs some motivation, please check the Forwago. I started using it a year ago, and I wish I started using it even earlier.

  9. Great advice. I started with 1 mile then two, now 4-7 miles a day. Yes, weight-loss happens at the table so true. I'm last 2 weeks I can tell the difference.

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