Lose Weight Fast

Water Fasting Losing Weight Fast

Water Fasting Losing Weight Fast

Water Fasting Losing Weight Fast

Water Fasting has an interesting history.

Is there a benefit to water fasting, dry fasting on our goals to live better?

I have seen so many videos promoting 8 day fasts, 7 day fasts for rapid fat loss.

How much weight loss happens when you water fast? Besides the dehydration that occurs are there health benefits?

What about fasting for 25 days or longer. let’s talk and it is going to get interesting.

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  1. Sir pls help. Give me tips. In 1hour time I will be fasting for 72hours. And I did not lost even 1kg. Why 😭😭😭😭 Ian drinking water' black tea' black coffee with little bit of stevia pls give me tips should I stop the stevia 😐😐😐😐😐 plss reply

  2. Hi, I am water fasting, but my last part of colon is very dry and I can not purify the water because I have sores in my anus. I tried salt water flush method, but I have a kidney problem and after consuming a lot of salt for two days in this method My legs are very swollen.
    Please help me, what should I do to get diarrhea and defecate water so that my intestines do not dry out. I also have diabetes.

  3. Just finished my 35-days water fasting today and I will break fast tomorrow morning. I am 6 feet tall, started with 230 lbs body weight and finished with 180 lbs body weight. So, a clear 50 lbs lost…height remained same πŸ€ͺ Anyway..I used to exercise intensely with my resistance bands for the first 20 days of my fasting and walked around 20K steps everyday..sometimes 30K steps. But the last 15 days of the fasting period was difficult. I had hypotension, I had difficulties in doing extra work or walking long walks. So, I just rested and did light works. My problem is that the scale shows I lost 7.7 lbs of muscle mass. Yes, I look much leaner but more defined at the same time. Should I trust the scale? Because 7.7 lbs loss is horrible. My legs..yes..definitely I can see muscle loss in my legs and butt..and they were always the best part of my body.

    I will also get a blood test and check all my biomarkers. I had problems with high cholesterol and especially non-alcoholic fatty liver. I am hopeful that they are gone by now. I feel really reborn.

    Now that I am much leaner now (thanks to water fasting), I will get to flexible dieting and regular workouts.

    By the way, I am enrolling your 90-day challenge and hope I will turn into a muscle monster by the end of it πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the video. πŸ‘πŸ’―

  4. Guys, losing weight doesn't need to be difficult (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Search a diet plan known as Okibetonic Secrets. Seriously, that program has changed my entire life. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other folks out there running the same "game" but whatever, I am in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  5. Check out Dr Alan Goldhamer, he has run a clinic for years and has seen people come off meds, beat cancer by fasting, etc

  6. Ok, So far, It's been about 3-4 weeks. I started with skipping breakfast. Then I went to OMAD a week later. I have been doing 24 hr fasts for 2 weeks now (OMAD) . Now I'm on day 2 of a 4 day water fast. Doing VERY well on day 2. My energy is through the roof right now and I barely got hungry this afternoon but not too bad. I am over 100 lbs over weight. I have a lot to lose. 50lbs is my first goal, 100 lbs lost is my next goal. After that well look and see what I look like. I have lost 20lbs in the first few weeks and got stuck at 315 lbs. I started at 335lbs. My body does NOT want to go below 300lbs. This happened last time I tried to lose weight as well.

  7. I've done a water fast for a few days… just doing it on and off… like 2 day fast, 1 day IF keto, 2 day fast, 2 day IF keto. good weight loss

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