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WATER FASTING: The Complete Guide (Fastest Fat Loss Method)

WATER FASTING: The Complete Guide (Fastest Fat Loss Method)

WATER FASTING: The Complete Guide (Fastest Fat Loss Method)

In this video, learn how to Water Fast. How much weight loss to expect, and also dive into the additional benefits and science.
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(0:50) What is Fat?
(1:40) History of Dieting
(3:30) Water Fasting Speed Advantage
(5:40) Participant Retention Advantage
(6:30) Choosing Duration
(8:45) Hydration and Fibre
(9:30)Phase 1 Digestion & Absorption (0HR-4HR)
-Fat Digestion
-Carbohydrate Digestion
-Insulin Explained
-Protein and Free Amino Acid Pool
(17:55) Phase 2 Post Absorptive Period (4HR- 16HR)
-Glycogen Breakdown
-Hunger Levels and Ghrelin
(19:00)Phase 3 Switching Phase (16-28HR)
-Fat Burning Increases
(20:20)Ketosis &Insulin Levels
(23:40)Weight Loss Speed
(24:10)Supplementing Electrolytes
(26:00)Fat Weight VS Water Weight
(26:40)Mental Benefits of Water Fasting
(29:30)What CAN you eat/drink?
(31:45)Muscle Loss
(32:40)Breaking a Water Fast
(33:00)-Intro to Autophagy
(36:30)Anti Aging and Stem Cells
(37:00)Metabolism Slowdown Warnings

This video is not medical advice, always consult your physician.

So off the bat, one advantage of Water Fasting becomes clear, that’s the speed. For example, assuming a consistent daily burn of 2500, in just 72 hours You’ll have burnt 7500 calories. This same level of weight loss would have taken the person on the cutting diet 15 days. This speed advantage has been confirmed by research studies,in one review researchers remarked on the significant amounts lost over short durations. For example in one study men fasted on and off over two weeks, and by the end had lost 3% of their bodyweight, in another study women lost 4% after 3 weeks of on and off fasting.

Another advantage to water fasting is, after the fast is complete, the person fasting doesn’t need to continue to eat below what their daily burn. Remember, they are looking at the big picture, as long as they are in say a weekly calorie deficit, there may be days within that week that they eat in a slight surplus, unlike the daily calorie restriction dieters whose bodies remain in a deficit day after day.

So while water fasting has the potential for faster fat loss, including occasional daily surpluses has actually resulted in studies showing more participants stick with these periodic water fasting diets, and as a result, they are able to lose more weight since they don’t quit.

Leading up to your water fast it’s a good idea to stay well hydrated, including adequate fiber in your diet beforehand is also recommended to help prevent constipation.

As the 16 hour mark approaches though, glycogen stores are nearing depletion, as this happens blood glucose and insulin levels fall. Hunger signals reach their highest point here, and you may even feel like you have difficulty concentrating. In my opinion this 16-28 hour period is the hardest part of any fast, contrary to what many would assume though, from here everything actually gets better.

See while you might be feeling frustrated and hungry, your body is implementing an amazing metabolic shift. Since insulin has fallen, fat cells begin releasing free fatty acids back into the bloodstream, Its during this 16-28 hours period that cells like your muscles shift over to burning this fat for fuel.

During the first 5 days of a fast subjects tend to lose weight far more rapidly than they do later on. One study for example saw a subject lose an average of .9kg over the first 5 days of his fast, while the days afterwards averaged about .3 kgs.

The enhanced initial weight loss is caused not by excess fat being burned, but by the body’s switch to burning fat and ketosis itself. The switch causes the body to drop large amounts of sodium, since sodium is one of the main electrolytes used to hold water in our bodies, the body also begins dropping water, leading to this extra weight loss.

At this stage Water Fasters might also begin notice a mental shift, clinicians have noted in subjects increased levels of alertness, mood improvement, a subjective feeling of well-being and even occasionally euphoria.

The increases in energy and focus reported by Water fasters may stem from increased levels of norepinephrine, a catecholamine which operates as a hormone and stimulatory neurotransmitter in the body. In normal subjects levels are usually near 0 during sleep, and reach their highest levels during the fight or flight response.

As far as insulin goes, I’ve yet to see a study that shows black coffee or unsweetened herbal tea could cause insulin to rise. In fact one analysis linked coffee consumption to lower levels of fasting insulin.

While fasting activates several pathways which could in theory have an effect on this, the one you’ll hear the most about is Autophagy.

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  1. So after spending all my weekends on this (minus the weekend I went to EDC 😂) it's finally done! I know 40 minutes can seem intense but I wanted to give you EVERYTHING I could think of. I put timecodes in the description to help! Thanks for being so supportive while I grinded this out, I hope the wait was worth it 🙂

  2. So unrelated.. I slept watching the video and had a dream. I slapped the girl I hate the most in my class twice at her face.

  3. Your videos are amazing. Going through a "life" changing switch and this info it just what I needed. Thanks for taking so much time on these.

    Btw, I didn't buy yours, just seen it. But sous vide is AMAZING. I made a Butterflied chicken breast for a Cesar salad, then seared on thr pellet grill for 5 mins… wow. My girl said it was better than any reasturant chicken shes had. These things are amazing.

  4. I'm not sure the weight loss claims stand up. If all your calories are coming from your body fat this would only mean you lose half a pound a day as half a pound of fat amounts to about 2500 calories. The remaining weight loss is probably water which will go back on in no time.

  5. I was eating meat and I was fat with 94KG for 1m85.
    I wanted to get healthy one day I did the water fast without setting a goal (in fact it was until I would feel that problem would arise with my body). And I water fasted for 24 days (my heart became weak).
    I went a low as 73KG, it did work!

    Then I turned vegan to avoid become fat and unhealthy.

  6. 23:24 – Hm. That's potentially awkward. I wonder how meds and vitamins will impact this. Now I'm curious if I should keep taking vitamins and omega3 while on a fast. Also curious if the meds I need to take will affect this at all (which are currently allergy meds and something for my hypothyroidism (aka low metabolism)). 🤔

  7. I think prolonged fasting can be a dangerous practice without medical supervision and I read lots of shallow comments by people who embark into 7,10 or even 21 days fast after watching a couple of videos on the tube. Most likely the same who gobble horse drugs to fight covid and refuse vaccines.
    I am quite convinced there are benefits associated to fasting, I do if myself but prolonged fasting can be extremely dangerous and self prescribing some electrolytes is not enough for everybody. I would suggest that if you want to try you do under medical supervision with blood tests before and during fasting. Apart from that I have some doubt that long fasting can be a viable strategy for long term loss especially for people who need to lose a lot of fat. I would think adherence is not easy for most people and changing food habits is more important for long term results. Intermittent fasting is much more sustainable and offers many of the same benefits without the risks

  8. Does anyone know if cinnamon oil (not powder) will break a fast? Cinnamon seems to curb my cravings normally like if I were to chew on a toothpick that was soaked in the cinnamon oil. Hopefully someone knows , that would really help with my cravings.

  9. Love this video but lol “the first documented fast was 1087”?? Really? Can someone introduce this guy to Jainism?

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