Lose Weight Fast

Weigh In On WW Freestyle & Intermittent Fasting

Weigh In On WW Freestyle & Intermittent Fasting

Weigh In On WW Freestyle & Intermittent Fasting

Weigh in time! I am on my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers Freestyle and Intermittent Fasting to lose 35 pounds! In this video, I talk about how much I have lost and my wins and fails for the week!

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  1. Intermittent fasting is great. I’ve read a lot about how your body reacts to losing Weight so it’s always important to switch things up. Also, I consider my WLW videos my meeting, too!

  2. Years ago in a bible study, I learned people only ate 2 meals a day back then. They would get up, feed their animals, do the morning chores and then eat. Would work thru the day and then have evening meal and that was it. I've been doing it too and like it.

  3. Congratulations on the 2 lb loss!!! I’m back doing WW as of Monday (used your code – Thank You). I’m doing online only for the first time so I’m really excited to hear about Sandy’s highlights as I feel like I’m missing out on info by not going to the meetings. I have several WW Youtubers that I subscribe to so hopefully that will be enough info for me and I love seeing what foods everyone eats. I’m waiting for my built bars to come in (thanks again for the code) but I haven’t got on the Teami wagon yet. I’ve stayed on my points perfectly this week despite being the busiest week of the year at work and I enjoyed 1/2 a pack of M&Ms as I needed something since my lunch is at 11 and I work until 7 this week and still came in under points. Challenge will be today – they are providing pizza as we only get 1/2 hour lunch today as it’s the craziest day of the year. I packed a little bit of food for me and may have 1 slice. I had bought groceries before deciding to go on WW so I wasn’t totally prepared for this week. I really need some good suggestions for lunches and snacks as I’m trying to not do much sugar or gluten. Have an awesome day!!

  4. Yay to feeling less bloated! My weigh in day is Friday. I’m stuck at home with the polar vortex, and it was hard today being home and just bored.

    Congrats you’re killing it.

  5. My doctors (5 of them) are not on board with me IF. I tried find one that would go for it but wasnt happening. It can really mess with a woman's hormones and just the general balance of things. Some people do really great with it and that is great.

  6. Hi Kelly have a look at Dr Berg here on utube.I think since I started keto with IF I have so much energy and im not hungry.It has really helped me with low mood and hormonal imbalances.I would reccomend cutting down carbs slowly first so you don't get keto flu.I have spent 10 years trying to shift 15 pounds with ww and I started keto oct 15th and lost it by dec 1st! I have maintained since quite easily even over christmas and a family wedding.

  7. I lost most of last year’s weight loss doing intermittent fasting OMAD (one meal a day) during the first part of the year which was great but found that it became harder and harder to maintain fasting around my family and circumstances. I’ve run into info that talks about fasting affecting fertility because it puts your body into famine mode which typically can interfere with ovulation because your body is intent on keeping all systems running well and fertility is one of the things to give if it needs to compensate elsewhere. Also, I’ve run across info that says fasting for long periods can increase the body’s storage functions and you can put on a bit when you stop fasting. This is true, I put five pounds back on quick when I stopped and couldn’t budge it for months. Now I’m just going slow and steady and having my meals. I believe fasting has so many health benefits and have experienced them but that’s mainly for short term fasting. I think once you get into long term use of fasting there are other factors to consider. That being said, you did amazing this week!💕👍🤗🎉🎉

  8. Hi kelly- nice job on the loss this week!
    I was wondering how you work this out at work? I’ve been wanting to try it- do you eat two meals at work!?

  9. Awesome progress!! I love your recommendations so I was looking forward to your feedback on I.F. I might dip my toe with a 12/12 – baby steps 😊

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