Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss For Seniors Over 60

Weight Loss For Seniors Over 60

Weight Loss For Seniors Over 60

What should you know about losing weight as a senior? Here are some tips to help with weight loss for seniors and individuals over 60+.

0:00 Intro
0:25 You need physical activity
2:53 Don’t lose too much
5:31 Set a target weight
8:00 Manage your meds
9:43 One step at a time


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  1. I am 71. 5' 9" — 190 lbs. [coming from a high of 214 lbs. two years ago]. BMI 26. And in quite good health. I have used fasting to lower the blood sugar (A1c) — The weight-loss then just followed. We shall see if I can keep this going.

    I have thought for 'more than a few years' that now that I am older, I should 'watch' trying to lose too much. Thinking I may need 'that 10 lbs.' to fight off 'things that may happen.'

    The one 'move' I have not made in a great way is physical exercise. I 'know' that I must move much more than I do now.

    I found your video quite informative.

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