Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Patches That Work

Weight Loss Patches That Work

Weight Loss Patches That Work

Weight Loss Patches That Work. Part of the series: Nutrition & Vitamins. Weight loss patches tend to suppress appetite, which is not always a healthy approach to weight loss, and knowing when to eat and when to stop eating is more effective in losing weight. Find out how to control appetite naturally with helpful information from a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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  1. You go girl, weight loss is simple PUT THE FORK Down!!! it's simple numbers, eat 500 calories less per day than when you do when your weight is stable and you will loose about a lb per week. Simple math. Decrease calories, increase calorie burning activity or both. anything else is male cow poop and won't work for any length of time. Change your lifestyle. I can eat chocolate and nothing else all day as long as it is less calories than I burn and loose weight. It's not advisable but it will work.

  2. This woman is a state sponsored stooge so I won’t be taking advice from her. Fasting has always done the trick for millennia.

  3. Sometimes people may need an appetite suppressant for those who might over eat …whether it’s an addiction or struggling with comfort eating.

  4. Peanut Butter or Bananas are Great Hunger Suppressors. Also, eating before 7pm. After 7pm drink Water Water. You have to be disciplined and motivated. Instead of eating a meal for breakfast drink a Protein Shake or Coffee with Dairy and take your Vegan Multivitamins people! 50 Push ups and 50 Pulse Squats Once a Week. Slow and Steady to win the race then gradually take it up!

  5. Every Utube channel promoting these should be fined 100,000 US dollars, for false advertising , in the US these do NOT have to pass any HEALTH checks by government to be sold, they can even be toxic, and you have no compensation claim ability with these so be careful…..Dont be a fool and try this crap , if you want to lose weight, science says EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE and BALANCE YOUR DIET……….If the link I post next does not appear, as these scammer channels like to deny links to the truth, then goggle TIKTOK what slim patches did to my stomach and get the FACTS about this garbage…………….Total scam here is what they really do….. ​​​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_4IMGEpbdA​

  6. This is BS Jesus fasted for 40 days and night and fasting cleanes the body from toxins and parasites and resets the body she is full of crap she doesn't k ow what she is talking about.

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