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Weightlifting Or Running? Research Shows Clear Winner In Reducing Risk Of Heart Disease

Weightlifting Or Running? Research Shows Clear Winner In Reducing Risk Of Heart Disease

Weightlifting Or Running? Research Shows Clear Winner In Reducing Risk Of Heart Disease

Greg Argos reports.

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  1. Hmmm. I'm somewhat surprised, yet more ecstatic about these findings. I've always much preferred weights over cardio. I enjoy HIIT here and there,just got lazy on it lately.

  2. I've lifted and done calisthenics for years, but this is the first year I've trained for a marathon. Don't let the video fool you. Runners can run as fast as regular people and still hold a conversation while doing it. You tell me who has a healthier heart. People who train cardio explosiveness and strength are athletes for a reason. Cardio is hard so people try to avoid it, but to anyone who reads this, train to improve your own time to a competitive one on a distance of your choice, and i promise you you'll agree that cardio makes you healthier than weight training.

  3. I hate running…but I do it because an hour of running can add 7 hours to your life. That and running is just a super useful skill. I still life 4 or 5 times a week, but running just has more benefits.

  4. I'm 57 yrs.old and been lifting weights for about 42 yrs. at 47 yrs old 214 lbs. I was bench pressing 250lbs.11 times. Now weight lifting may be better for cardiovascular and mostly bodyweight pull ups, push ups, I do and kettlebell swings but I can say honestly jogging makes me feel better maybe it's because I have gotten older and I'm going to start doing more weight lifting but I love to jog because of the way it makes me feel. I do a lot of Jill jogging about 35 perfect of my jogging is hills…next year they will say running better..

  5. I'm a endomorph kinda skinny fat lean up top but flabby midsection I found cardio works best for my body but weights are great too

  6. I'm 41 years old, started weight lifting 5 years back, the benefits of it are amazing😍 I'm stronger 💪look younger ☺and more muscular😎 than my same age people whom just do cardio or no workout at all.

  7. Weights & WALKING are the best combo you could do in my opinion… I still make a point to run here and there. Especially if it's in a pick up basketball game or something. But honestly I would recommend Walking over Running for MOST (not all) people.

  8. Simplistic rubbish. You have to interpret the message with a degree of intelligence. Not all strength training is equal. Intensive olympic style lifting as performed during Crossfit creates a high level of cardiovascular stress. Wandering around a gym checking your cell phone for messages every few minutes or casually performing dumbell curls with 3 mins rest between sets is largely a total waste of time.

  9. Starting lifting weights regularly after being diagnosed with prediabetes. Building muscle not only made me look better, it also lowered my blood sugar. The rest of the bad cholesterol and stuff was fixed by eating a clean and healthy diet, along with not over eating.

    Cardio is too tiring for me. I could do it in 10 minute sprints, but long cardio sessions just seem useless to me and more damaging than weight lifting.

    I used to be sort of scared of weight lifting, but after getting used to it, looking up proper form, and realizing that it's all about consistency and not caring about how heavy or cool you look, just about hitting it regularly and consistently, I started making massive gains and changes.

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