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WELLBUTRIN UPDATE: 1 year later / Bupropion

WELLBUTRIN UPDATE: 1 year later / Bupropion

WELLBUTRIN UPDATE: 1 year later / Bupropion

Hey everyone! This video has been extremely requested! I hope you enjoy!

2-week update video: https://youtu.be/6ZpOg7SOK9g
2-month update video: https://youtu.be/4fu7jOdI-yk

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Video for How Fast Do You Lose Weight On Wellbutrin Xl
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  1. So I was taking 150mg , & it took only a couple days for me to start noticing a difference, and that lasted about 2 weeks, I stuck it out for another 2 weeks and nothing, I told my psychiatrist & she said that happens but if I keep taking it, it’ll come back, and she upped my dosage to 300mg. I felt it working again for the first week, & I’m on the 2nd week now of taking 300mg & it seems to have stopped working again 😓 is that normal? Is it gonna pick up again?

  2. Just started taking this yest and your video was one of the first to come up in the search, it made me feel better about my decision and I hope to get the same results . I have been suffering for years and finally gave in. Thanks

  3. I just got diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed this medication.I’m a little bit scared of taking this medication but thank you for this video it was super helpful.

  4. I have a successful story too. I have terrible anxiety. I've been on xanax for a few years (3 mg) and it got my life and motivation back because I felt great and started working out too. Fast forward, I know have decreased motivation due to depression. Wellbutrin extended release and xanax immediate release is by fast a miracle for me.

    I would have self harmed and gave up on life years ago, now I can't imagine thinking that way. It's so nice:))

  5. This is the only medication that is helping me but the Acne!! Could it be the generic version I’m using. Nothing else works for me except this

  6. I've been on for twelve weeks. It was helping now I'm extremely depressed and can hardly get out of bed. The doctor won't get back to me

  7. Wow my birthday is Sept. 19th as well and we share a lot of the same symptoms. I am hoping this med will work. Sending you positive vibes! 🙂

  8. Starting wellbutrin tomorrow and I'm really excited. Hopefully it works out for me 🙂 Gonna take it in combination with escitalopram, which I've already been taking for a few years.

  9. Thank you for this video!Gives me hope 🙇🏼‍♀️ started on this med a week ago, looking forward to getting better.

  10. Right now I'm on Lexapro and I have no feelings. Having some feelings is definitely healthy I can't seem to force myself to do things if I don't care like you can. It's been 7 years and Wellbutrin made me angry and impulsive and alcoholic for two years but maybe I should try it again because I need emotions and my doctor doesn't know what to do

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