Lose Weight Fast

What Could Happen If You Lose Weight Too Fast

What Could Happen If You Lose Weight Too Fast

What Could Happen If You Lose Weight Too Fast

What could possibly happen if you lose weight too fast? Does rapid weight loss cause any problems? Here’s what you might experience if you lost weight too fast.

0:00 Intro
0:29 Weight cutting
0:53 Sample case study: 180 lb female
1:15 Dehydration and Nutritional deficiencies
2:22 Loss of muscle mass and Decreased metabolism
3:35 Constipation and Irregular menstrual cycles
4:39 Gall stone formation
5:43 How fast is too fast (in a 180 lb individual)?


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  1. I'm a little worried because I started my weight loss journey a little over a month ago and have lost about 24-26 pounds. I have been eating protein bars and drinking about 6 water bottles a day, taking fish oil and B12 in the morning and again fish oil and a statin at night, my snacks mostly consist of a cucumber and or superseed crackers with hummus. And dinner is always some kind of chicken salad with lots of avocado. I kind of track my calories and most of the time they are under 1400 for each day. I want to do this right. Any suggestions 🤔

  2. Scientist K. Anaekwe: When I was overweight I knew what to do – I simply used the method the polar bears used ( hibernation). I deliberately slept longer to cutout meals – it worked — — To know more – Visit – wattpad – Book Title; WHAT DOCTORS DON'T KNOW ABOUT CANCER…

  3. I've lost 9 kg in ten days , I'm very afraid if that's dangerous , I'm eating healthy food , protein healthy fat , no carbohydrates , Vegetables and fruits making like 700-900 kcal per day , I'm i safe !

  4. I was 360 on June 3rd and im now 328, i did different methods to lose weight every week like working out fasting for 3 days, only eating healthy for a week and im now eating under 2000 calories every 24h/internment fasting, while im trying all these i tend to lose 5-8 pounds a week is this good?

  5. So I started this month at 237 and I've dropped down to 218 as of today. The only issue I found is my energy level has decreased while I exercise. I'll feel fine the majority of my run but this week I've been hitting a wall and have to stop, whereas a couple weeks ago I could just muscle through it. My weight loss for each week has been
    Week 1: 11 lbs, but I'm saying at least 9 was water.
    Week 2: 2 lbs
    Week 3: 3 lbs
    This week I've lost another 2 so far.
    I might be overthinking it but just curious if the loss of energy when I run is a bad thing or not. I've been able to stay very well hydrated, I drink between 1 to 1&1/2 gallons of water a day to make sure I don't dehydrate. I try to stay about 1000 calories below my maintenance level, currently mine is 3400 a day, I eat between 2200 and 2400. If you could reply that would be great. Have a great day.

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