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What Happened When I Stopped Taking My Medication

What Happened When I Stopped Taking My Medication

What Happened When I Stopped Taking My Medication

As much as my meds help me, it’s a battle to remember to do all the things I need to do to be able to take them: sign up for health insurance, pay my bill, make a doctor appointment, GO to that appointment, get my prescription, find a pharmacy that can fill it, remember to pick it up before it closes, remember to bring my ID so they’ll let me…

So when I miss a step and find myself without my meds, it’s easy to wonder…are they really necessary?

This is what happened when I forgot to pay my health insurance, stopped taking my medication for two weeks and tried to learn how to live without it.

Please share — because the stigma is real, and no one should have to feel ashamed for getting the treatment they need just because their disorder is mental rather than physical, invisible rather than obvious.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it’s time we acknowledge that.

*NOTE* — I do not recommend going off medication without a doctor’s supervision. A medical professional should be accessible to troubleshoot problems. If you can’t reach your doctor, talk to a pharmacist.

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  1. It can't be emphasized enough that ADHD is on a spectrum and whether or not you need meds is highly dependant on your severity and degree of frontal lobe development. Kids are more likely to have ADHD symptoms because of brain development. it's when those symptoms continue to impact the individual or the individual doesn't grow out of it that you know it's something serious. Because ADHD severity varies between people, medication is going to affect each person differently and like glasses, some people need them just while the read or drive, while others are blind as a bat without them. It's worth noting, ADHD can trick you into thinking you don't need meds when hyper focus kicks in. If you are doing something that is engaging you, it boosts your dopamine and allows you to focus. But it's all those boring, routine things that fall through the cracks that our ADHD can neglect (like renewing insurance) and thus leads to bigger issues when they create fires. Medication helps manage task switching, controlling your emotions, keeping organized and making sure your aren't skipping over important details. It's also worth noting, untreated ADHD can cause severe issues as an adult. I went untreated most my life, did everything I hyper focused on, but then hit a mid life bump and due to lack of medication and coping skills, had a complete psychological collapse. I've been putting my life back together for over a year now and am still not at 100%. So, with ADHD, I would advise someone to find the top psychiatrists and doctors who understand it, get real help and avoid the snake oil alternatives. ADHD is real and it can be life threatening if not properly cared for. The good news, there are lots of good coping tips and tricks (many of them on this channel) and meds do work for most people once you get them dialed in.

  2. I started taking meds a few months ago( im 26), but they caused me to be suicidal.
    Psyche wasnt that good to begin with, but still.
    I also felt uncomfortable under the influence of it.

    Like being forced to focus even tho i want to rest etc.

    I took something thats called medikinet.
    Now, after a pause, i start taking something new on the lowest dose, and i hope it works.
    Its called elvanse, these german names, so dont wonder why you never heard of them.

    But if the side effects continue.

    I will pass on the meds.
    But tbh, idk what else could work😅

  3. Hahahaha "…which is why i decided to make a video about it and admit it to as many people as possible" Wow i strive for that attitude. I laughed and insta subscribed lol

  4. I like the me on my meds and I don't care what people who are normal say and act. So, meds made me a better me.

  5. My wonderful parents got me diagnosed at 6 years old! We tried medication but it gave me terrible mood swings so I don't use meds anymore, but I'm so happy for those that bennifit from them! I'm now in my late 20s and I just found this channel last week. It's helping me so much. Thank you so much Jessica! I'm staring to live a better life with less struggle because of you and this community. Thank you everyone!

    Also my post is edited because my adhd makes me write too fast and I always need to correct my spelling and grammar after the fact lol.

  6. Thank you for this vid. Before seeing this I kept asking myself if ADHD meds are only going for doing us more neurotypical. to do better in a neurotypical world what means not beeing yourself anymore.

  7. Five or six months ago I saw my doctor and finally asked for a referral for an ADHD & ASD assessment.
    At the same time she also prescribed me some other medication that's also a stimulant as a side effect, and mentioned that if I do have ADHD, it might help.

    A couple of hours after I took my first dose I got hungry, had lunch (which tasted super satisying, which was a surprise considering it was just noodles), and afterwards I noticed it wasn't… quiet exactly, but more like each sound was.. contained?

    Like, sounds were over there where they were being caused, rather than right in my head, and not as muddled.

    Imagine if all sounds and background noise were blended together to make background music, and then suddenly that music stopped, and there was just the sounds.

    I literally just sat there, eyes closed, Listening to semi-quietness.

    And I then proceeded to put the bin out, put the recycling out, and put the dishwasher on before going back to work, without any executive function issues getting in the way. It was like freaking magic. And while on that medication, my executive function was way better (though still far from perfect), my cravings for sweet things vanished (no more dopamine seeking from food?) and things were generally much easier to do.

    Three months later (yay wait times) I got my ADHD & ASD diagnosis. Now another two months past that I'm still dealing with the yet more gatekeepting and wait times to actually get proper medication ><

    But, right around the time I got my diagnosis, my course of stimulant medication ran out, and it's a medication that you're only allowed on for three months due to potential long term issues.
    I was okay for a day or two, but then I started feeling my concentration and function degrading and breaking day by day, I could literally see myself becoming less and less capable of functioning, and I was powerless to stop it, no matter how hard I tried to claw onto that old feeling.

    I’d walk through the kitchen, seeing piles of dishes I wanted to clear up, and I just *couldn't*, even though I could a couple of weeks before.

    And noticing and feeling that degradation from the inside while not being able to do anything about it is frankly disturbing.

    I really, REALLY need the damned system to hurry up and get me my meds 🙁

  8. I was prescribed ADHD meds as a kid. My mom took them away, and refused to let me continue taking them.

    I recently got re-diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and will take those meds.

    Your video inspired me. Respect ✊

  9. I have a hard time taking Ritalin and adderall was really impossible for me to take because of dehydration. I get super dried out from only 10mg of Ritalin and I’m supposed to take 40 mg a day… I only have one kidney so I don’t know if that’s why I’m like this

  10. I have been taking adhd meds that help with sleep since I was like 7 and I’m 18 now and for reasons I have had to go off them coldturkey it’s been about a week now and it’s like fighting myself to sleep it’s so hard and when I do finally do it my dreams are scrambled completely nonsensical and feels like it’s out of order and feels like it repeats the same moment over and over faster and faster till my brain overloads so even after sleeping I feel worse each day it’s getting worse, but I know I can get through it and it’s not going to be easy I can’t be weak

  11. As a college student, i definitely need to see a psychiatrist for adhd or anxiety, every task is daunting. She described every symptom that I have been going through for the past 2 years lmao

  12. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 people really think it's procrastinating, and inna sense it is. It's a struggle. And I hate when people, try to tell you that you are autistic (people with autism have their own struggles) , when they are not the doctor giving the diagnosis

  13. Reading the comments even hurts, and now I stare at my flashing cursor. Like so many others wiping tears away looking through tear filled eyes. Spelling and grammar would suck no matter what. My feelings/thoughts should go here, but how. Exhausting on and off meds. Thoughts loop at light speed becoming just unbearable noise.

  14. What happens when you become medication resistance after a while even me stopping for a few months going off my meds and going back on them again after a few months doesn’t help anymore….. than what? I sleep 3-4 times in a day after having long Covid it has changed my brain chemistry for the worse and amplified my adhd symptoms that feels like a ping pong ball machine going off in my head. What happens when your medication no longer works for you anymore? Then what?

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