Lose Weight Fast

What if You Stop Eating?

What if You Stop Eating?

What if You Stop Eating?

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What would happen if you stopped eating? What happens to your body when you completely stop?

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  2. My mom found this one study online by this one doctor and there was a lot of benefits for doing so currently I’m past 16 hours no food just water

  3. 1 day of dry fasting=3 days of water fasting! I went 6 days without food or water. If you have fat, you don't die. Your body will convert your fat into water until it's all gone. 💦🚫💦🚫

  4. I once went 2 weeks without food just to see what would happen. After the first few days your appetite is completely gone and it just becomes normal. I also didn't drink anything at all for 7 days straight to see how that would affect me. Absolutely no liquids at all and that seemed to be a bit more difficult to do but in proud to say it's possible

  5. POV you’re depressed, only drink coffee and smoke as food. You wanna know why these symptoms haven’t happened yet

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