Lose Weight Fast

What models do to stay thin

What models do to stay thin

What models do to stay thin

Former fashion editor Kirstie Clements reveals secrets on what models do to stay thin.

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  1. Skip meals, eat smaller meals, and workout. Other alternatives are not healthy.
    I'm a 6 foot, naturally thin (small frame measurements) and I was 140 with higher body fat. I lost 10 pounds of fat over 3 years – it was fairly easy.

  2. Interviewer: Why wait until you write a book to bring this up?
    Author: [bull]

    Basically, she made a bunch of money keeping models unhealthily thin. Then, after she is out of Vogue, she is trying to make a bunch of money via her book.

    That's like Fauci writing a book "Allow time to create a vaccine so it is healthy."

  3. She not all off them and that the top models do it healthier way then why Victoria secret top models shared how they starve themselves before the show, well every models does it including top models

  4. Umm I never worked in the fashion industry but I knew about the models eating tissues and cotton. This lady is completely in denial

  5. Things have changed. The fashion industry is not the top bad guy anymore. Nowadays it’s the fucking bloggers and influencers, who are always on all sorts of cleanses. Girls posting pictures of their toned bodies, with giant asses and tiny waists, lying that they’re on balanced diets, eating clean, when in reality some of them drink juice all day or eat nothing at all. I fucking hate these people. And now they’re trying to fix the mess they’ve made by attempting to convince the public that being fat is ok. That’s not the solution, you shouldn’t have drilled it into everyone’s heads that they have to be skinny to begin with!

  6. She didn’t say anything or stand up for the girls because you didn’t want to lose your job or your paycheck. Be honest.

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