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why I stopped taking ZOLOFT

why I stopped taking ZOLOFT

why I stopped taking ZOLOFT

Just for clarification:

I started on 50mg on Zoloft, couldn’t handle the side effects, so I quit.

Then, a week later, my doctor started me up again on a lower dose (25mg) – reason being that I’m a very tiny person, and she felt that 50mg may have been too high to start on.

For a list of the side effects I was experiencing, you can check out my first video here:



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  1. I just cut cold turkey, been about 3-4 months off from 125mg a day. Withdrawals sucked man. Got through it, it kinda helped but THC has been my bestfriend and helps me big time. Starting to dream a lot more though. Depressed still, im 25 now almost 26 in March. Its embarrasing, it affects my social life….been stuck in my room forf about 4 months, not working….just feel empty somewhere still and trying to figure myself out. Wish me luck.

  2. I started Zoloft and was on it for 3 days. My cat passed away just before I started taking it and was going through the grieving process. After taking it I started to notice I lost the ability to feel intensely enough to cry and it really bothered me. I felt brain fog as well and had a bad headache constantly. I just stopped and not sure it's for me.

  3. Don’t take setraline my Johnson does not work now, I squeezed it as hard as possible all over and had no feeling at all. Going to ween off starting now, cold turkey fucks with my head.

  4. I am weaning off Zoloft slowly, after two’ish years. It helped, but also created some issues— night sweat, sore throat, vivid dreams, difficulty concentrating, etc. Gives you a sort of attention deficit.

    Six months ago, started fasting, now on OMAD. Long walks. Meditation. No alcohol, no late nights. Do more pleasant peaceful activities.

  5. sertraline have ruined my sleep pattern i took my self of them not slept right in 2 years now 🙁 balls to that evil drug there, all the same, I've been battling depression for 30 years combined with PTSD and a Deformity a curved spine not good but I'm 46 now and you just have to keep plodding on just remember big pharmaceutical is AFTER 1 thing money there just straight killers Keep strong in this lonely planet.

  6. I hate Zoloft. I am tapering off of Zoloft for a 4 week period by my psychiatrist. Only been on it for 3 weeks. Dry mouth, sore throat. It made me calm only.

  7. I’m coming off of Zoloft right now, and it sucks. I am so emotional, and feeling like everyone’s ignoring me. This is so horrible coming off, I am having worse insomnia then I already had, and I took 150mg daily.

  8. I've been on Sertraline for a very long time. It has helped but I always have brain fog and have trouble concentrating. I also stay emotionless for the most part. I want to get off of it but my Dr isn't helpful. I'm also on Wellbutrin and Buspar.

  9. I had the tight throat after just three days on it. As well as some of the most vivid and disturbing dreams, that woke me up in the middle of the night. The kind of dreams that make you not want to go back to sleep.

  10. I've been on Zoloft for about 12 days, and I just can't go on. My body has just shut down completely. Before I started I was running, walking, meditating, doing yoga etc.. Everyday to control my anxiety. But now I can't do anything. Restless, agitated body, shivers, sweats, sore body, lethargic etc… Insomnia, panic…. I hate this.

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