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Why is My Cat Losing Weight – the Top 9 Causes

Why is My Cat Losing Weight – the Top 9 Causes

Why is My Cat Losing Weight – the Top 9 Causes

If you are asking the question “Why is my cat losing weight?” then you need to first decide if your cat is still eating normally, if they are actually eating more rapidly (or appear more hungry), or if your cat has stopped eating and appears unwell. For those cats that are still eating and appear otherwise well, the most common causes are the early stages of hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and IBD/cancer. If your cat is unwell (or even just drinking a lot more) then the same causes could have progressed but your vet will also consider other cat weight loss causes like kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, dental disease, pancreatitis, and other infections.

Getting your cat checked over early is more likely to result in successful treatment, and some of these conditions can be very successfully treated or even cured if caught in time.

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  1. In other words, take your cat to the vet, ASAP. Guessing at the diagnosis and Delaying the visit to the clinic may make the problem worse. Your cat will thank you!😽💕

  2. My cat was gone for almost a week, he was fat for it's age, I found him again 6 days later and he was so skinny and doesn't want to eat, I need help before he dies from starvation

  3. Reading through these comments, I'm amazed how many expect this vet to provide an answer, when the most logical and kind thing to do is to visit your local vet. If you can't afford the treatment, then you shouldn't have had the pet in the first place.

  4. My cat who is now 18 has kidney disease. He got blood tested in April 2021 and his levels were better than before due to the special diet. The vet also mentioned that all of his other levels including blood glucose etc. was normal. However, at the end of March 2021 his 14 year old sister had to be euthanized. Since then he has not been eating normally and has lost a bit of weight. What can I do?

  5. Funny my cat actually has worms and the 1st thing he’s saying is it’s not that. gd job I don’t take youtubers seriously

  6. My 12 year old female cat has always been underweight but now weighs 6.4 pounds. She still plays, eats, and drinks normally. I give my 3 cats all wet food and crunch Ph friendly food as a treat because my boy can form crystals. She was hand fed as a kitten, she and her brother only weighed 4 ounces when I found them after their mom died. I am on such a limited budget and really need help. Anything I can do to help her gain weight?

  7. So I should definitely take my cat to the doctor because she is less than a year and she is starting to have similar symptoms. This is really worrying me.

  8. My kitten was healthy till she was 6 months, since 2 months she is losing more weight and eating very less.. Now she is 8 months.. When visited vet, her health is normal and was suggested thyroid test after 2 year.. How can I help my baby to gain weight?

  9. What if the bloodwork comes back fine, but my cat has still been so skinny for six months? I've even tried a special, raw cat food. Could she be depleted in vitamins and minerals?

  10. My 2-year-old cat is eating well, maybe slightly more, regular poops and activity level seem normal but she's suddenly losing weight quickly I noticed just in the last few days – I did just start adding a pumpkin probiotic powder a few months ago.. would that do it? I add 2 tablespoons or so of water to her food because she doesn't drink water. She does seem a little depressed/bored.

  11. I don’t know if you explained this but my cat isn’t in pain his fur is greasy he’s young (1 year and a half) he was fat but now he has flappy skin he was a stray that was neutered he’s been an inside cat for a year

  12. Hello i have question my cat was in fight with other cat after that he started losing weight i don't know what to do help me please.

  13. My cat 3 months old suddenly losses weight in just 6 hours? Howwww? He's still playing and eating before I put them to cage and then after 6 hours I let them play inside the house but he is so weak now and so thin. What happened to him? PLEASE HELP!!

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