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Why Ozempic for weight loss has doctors concerned

Why Ozempic for weight loss has doctors concerned

Why Ozempic for weight loss has doctors concerned

A TikTok trend of using Ozempic, a diabetes medication, for weight loss has raised concerns for doctors.

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  1. I’m type two diabetic and my doctor won’t give it to me..meanwhile my ex wife who has all my money takes it because she had weight loss surgery and wants to stay slim..

  2. Wegovy is the exat same thing made by same company and is Ozempic for weight loss – just at a higher dose. Its the same as Victoza is the diabetic drug and Saxenda is the same one at higher dose for weight loss.

  3. most celebs are on adderall which kills the appetite completely

    others are on clenbuterol and cytomel and they eat whatever they want while still burning bodyfat.

  4. This medication shouldn't be available to those with medical need, it's just not fair to diabetes like me who actually need it!
    Do people not understand that our life's may actually depend on it?
    Do they even care?🥺😪

  5. The problem is supply and production. Blaming one disease group for using a drug to treat that disease is not helping.

  6. Truth is most of the country has a metabolic issues or prediabetes. More people need this than they most would like to acknowledge.

  7. I lost over 150 pounds on my own. No drugs (just natural supplements) no surgery no doctors 🙂 I'm a nurse so I have some understanding of weight loss, but the most important thing is willpower. I've kept it off for a year now, not that I am not tempted to go back to eating whatever I want. It's not easy but it's worth it.

  8. She did loose a lot of weight wow weight loss in a pen I need this that’s how celebs drop many pounds fast in some cases if not doing lean or dope

  9. the thing is Buffie people who are diabetic need the medication to live, these diabetic drugs are not a necessity for those that just want to loose weight, and those people that just want to loose weight are causing a shortage for people with diabetes and that is the big problem

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