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Women & Weight Loss Post 30's | How to avoid Weight Gain in Women | Successful Tips to Lose Weight

Women & Weight Loss Post 30's | How to avoid Weight Gain in Women | Successful Tips to Lose Weight

Women & Weight Loss Post 30's | How to avoid Weight Gain in Women | Successful Tips to Lose Weight

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Today’s topic is going to be very useful for all the age groups of women and especially the ones who’ve already hit the age of 30s. I am going to talk about the weight gain issues among women, their causes and what are the measures women can follow to avoid these weight gain issues.

My prime focus would also cover how you can harness the quality of your diet and nutrition and how Women’s Horlick can benefit you in many ways to provides essential nutrients like Calcium, vitamin D and K2 that are vital for the body to have strong and healthy bones and muscles!

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  1. Hello beauty,I have an issue,I had brain hemorrhage 9 years ago.So,I had 2-3 brain surgeries.i lost a few kgs,but recently my family is worried,my query is how I loose my weight now?I want to keep the weight now.which exercises will keep me active & loose my weight?😐🥺🥺

  2. 20 kg loss krna h meri umar 30 ho gayi h aur wai8 70 h plz mujye koi dite plan bata dein jis sy mera wait kum ho

  3. Di u r looking so pretty and mujhee yeah puchna that mera weight hi nhi hota Mane thyroids check kai baar Kra Liya h ab m Kya kru

  4. Hi I m 35 yrs old, my weight is 93 kg, I hv hypothyroid, diabetes n depression. I m taking all 3 medicines, can I do intermittent fasting ? If yes, for how long ?

  5. Very good video!! Due to early wake up I was taking very less sleep & I became overweight & diabetic in 39 yrs Hi manju mam will intermittent fasting will help show some light 💡 on 5:2 pattern bcoz 16/8 I can’t manage dinner timings + not that much feeling hungry pls pls

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