Lose Weight Fast

Workout for Teens To Burn Fat And Get Lose Weight

Workout for Teens To Burn Fat And Get Lose Weight

Workout for Teens To Burn Fat And Get Lose Weight

Are you a teen? Or do you know someone who is a teenager? Then this workout is for you.

Being overweight is a common issue with teens and youngster in today’s world. That’s why I created this home workout especially for teens, to be able to burn fat and burn calories, and get in shape.

The exercise structure in this training is perfectly balances so that it’s not too hard or too easy. Any teen or young person should attempt to perform this home routine in order to get in shape and look better.

Whether you like it or not, your looks contribute a lot to your self-esteem… and self-confidence is very important (and fragile) especially with teenagers. I hope these exercises will be helpful to them and will set them on a journey of fat loss and getting in shape!

Don’t forget that for best results you should train 4-5 days a week for 3-4 weeks. Only then will you start seeing good weightloss results in the mirror 🙂

Do this workout and let me know in a comment if it was easy or hard for you!

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Good luck!❤️💪

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  1. I NEVER exercise. I probably should though, as an almost 14 year old that weighs about 145 pounds at only 5'4. So, I thought that maybe I should start exercising. I'm going to track my progress everyday on this comment.

    Day 1: Everything hurts, and feels like jello. Also could not stop breathing very heavily for like 10 minutes.

    Day 2: A little better than yesterday, still felt like jello after tho. Also my head hurt really bad. Don't know why.

  2. Hello maam.
    Is it okay if i didn't workout tomorrow which is sunday because we're going to the beach. I can do the workout monday to friday right

  3. ima update-

    day one- 155pounds: it was kind of hard but i pushed through

    day 2- too sore couldn’t even move so i didn’t do it

    day 3- i did it, it was pretty easy, today i weighed 153pounds

    day 4- i didn’t do it

    day 5- i did it, it was easier, i still weight 153 pounds

  4. as a preteen I’m really hoping to loose weight! And these type of work outs are so easy and I love them !!!💞💞

  5. Day 1: Complete ✅. 10:29 PM. I felt stomach pain, and I wanted to get healthier and get back in shape, I've gotten taller, I'm 5'8". I weigh at 140-50 to that range. I want to lose weight so I feel healthy and improve masculinity.
    Day 2: Morning: Complete ✅, + Evening I'm doing this. I feel the burn… 🔥. (143.2 Ibs). + Evening Complete 144.2 – I ate snacks that's why. But I'm going to keep going! My Arms and Legs are sore.
    Day 3: Back Feels Great + I forgot to do this when I woke up I'll do it twice at 3:00 PM. Complete ✅. 🔥.
    Day 4: I forgot to exercise (skip). But I played high intense basketball.
    Day 5: Today: Morning + Evening. Because I forgot to exercise yesterday, let's get it!!! I am (142.8 Ibs today let's put this exercise to work). Morning ✅ + Evening. I weigh at 142.4 + 🔥.
    Day 6: I am going to do an ab workout to get shredded.

  6. Hello, I have a question. I started exercising on the first day and I want to ask if I should repeat the exercises in this video every day or watch other videos as well. I'm sorry for my bad english

  7. I am a teen and am 13 years I have 55kg bit my all friends are below 40kg I want to lose my weight

  8. Yo might be doing this workout at least once per day I’ll tell you how it’s gone 🙂
    Day 1: Sore from my legs didn’t know what I was doing but felt the heat
    Day 2: Legs hurt a lot had to stop for a few seconds but it was fine
    Day 3: A lot less pain but the squats got me real bad but doing better!

  9. ive been trying for MONTHS to find a good workout on youtube that suits me, and i finally found it! this workout is amazing and I am surprised at how much it worked for me! Thank you so much Roberta! 🖤

  10. I’m going to try this and do it for a week. I will not do any dieting and will eat normally how I eat. I weigh 92 pounds I think. I hope I lose weight within a week.

    Day1: I did it twice today, I hope I see some results
    Day2: Done
    Day3: done also did another workout with this and will start to do it starting from today
    Day4: didn’t do this workout but did another one
    Day5: done this and other workout
    Day6: done was easier than before! One more day to go..
    Day7: done

    Checked my weight today first thing in the morning and I weigh 91.4 lb not as much as much as I thought only .6 lb lost probably because of all the eating I did I will try other workouts to see if I lose some weight

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