Weight Loss Meal Plan

මම ආහාර පාලනය කරපු හැටි| HOW I ATE TO LOOSE 30 Kgs

මම ආහාර පාලනය කරපු හැටි| HOW I ATE TO LOOSE 30 Kgs

මම ආහාර පාලනය කරපු හැටි| HOW I ATE TO LOOSE 30 Kgs

As many of you requested me personally, I thought of doing this video to show how and what I ate during my 30KG fat loosing period. Main tips I followed were, eat smaller meal portions, drink plenty of water & consume less carbs, sugar & oily foods. I was also managed to eat more vegetable and fruits. During the fat loss period, whenever I go out with family and friends for a holiday or to a party, I did enjoy all the food without choosing, but the next day I was managed to stay on right track and to eat my regular healthy meals. I believe life is all about balance!




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Video for Weight Loss Meal Plan Sri Lanka
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  1. Thank you for the great support…. you are an example for all the mothers who is willing to lose the weight

    I have been working out for last 10 days with the diet plans you have mentioned about and I lost 5kgs within 10 days

    I will post my before after pictures once I am finished my 90 days work out

    Thank you once again

  2. Mis man masa 5 babek inna amma kenek baba hamba unata passe man godak mahath una mata diat plan ekak karanna hodaida

  3. I was decided to start fasting for my diet plan. But, after I watched this video I understood how to plan for my diet plan. Thank you very much for this video.

  4. අනේ please අක්කෙ කියන්නකෝ.. මේ විදියට කාල workout කලාම කොච්චර කල් යනවාද කෙට්ටු වෙන්න. Please අක්කේ riply karanna

  5. Thanks akkiyo math meka karanna patan gannawa.eth hariyata danne nathuwa indiye.thank you so much sudu akkiyo..bs

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