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1000 CALORIES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS | Serious weight loss!

1000 CALORIES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS | Serious weight loss!

1000 CALORIES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS | Serious weight loss!

So after Brandon’s 10,000 calorie challenge Mat completed his own challenge with a twist. Mat completed 1000 calories a day for 10 DAYS!! Check out the video to see how much weight he lost!
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  1. Note Although we appreciate your comments. We don't recommend such a drastically low calorie intake. This was a research challenge that we conducted that concluded in it being unrealistic and potentially dangerous over a long term. Please don't attempt this diet, we did it so you don't have to for educational purposes.

  2. I’m really confused, everywhere says that 1,000 calories is drastically low. But my maintenance calories are 1,400. So if I cut down to 1,000 to lose weight it isn’t such a big difference. Does it not depend on the person?

  3. So guys I’m trying to get a six pack I’ve been working out all year but I haven’t gotten any results a month ago someone told me I need to lessen what I’m eating and try for 1000 calories a day I’m 15 I weigh 165 pounds and I’m 5’11 how long do y’all think it would take for me to get my goal of just visible abs or six pack

  4. I’ve eaten 1000 calories per day for 4 weeks + running 55-60 km/35-38 miles and strength training twice a week. Have lost 9.1 kilos/20 lbs so far. Hungry sometimes, but I actually feel quite good!

  5. You're better off moving more than cutting calories! If I was to do 1000kcal a day it would be all high quality protein and veg and I'd do no exercise other than a few push ups a day and walking.

  6. nice. i’m starting 800-1000cals a day for 6weeks starting tomorrow. unless im doing exercise where i’ll Substitute by having extra veg. its the Nhs shake /soup diet. 4 shakes a day. but i’m doing it of my own back not through the nhs. they say no exercise on the diet but i have an active job 5days a week.

  7. I searched this up because of serious fatigue that I'm currently into.
    So I need 2500 calories a day due to me being 74kg and I'm burning about 900-1200 calories a day with boxing training and working out for 2-3 hours a day and only eating 800-900 calories more or less.

  8. Eating alot of salad, egg whites, chicken, and substituting carbs for veg makes this very easy. With exercise I went from 180 at 5,7 to my current 160 in a month or so. I havn't felt hungry much at all. I feel great and there's been alot of benefits. More hydrated. Cut alcohol. No heartburn. Better posture and mood. More confident and goal driven mindset.
    But I'm sure continuing this way of eating would not be good. Cutting for calisthenics (probably 150) to be able to lift my own weight is the goal at the moment. Maintenance calories should be a breeze after.

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