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15 Secrets Keto Diets Won't Tell You (700 Calorie Meals) DiTuro Productions

15 Secrets Keto Diets Won't Tell You (700 Calorie Meals) DiTuro Productions

15 Secrets Keto  Diets Won't Tell You (700 Calorie Meals) DiTuro Productions

15 reasons why fad, low carb, high fat keto diets promoted for fast, safe weight loss may not produce the miraculous results popularized on social media and in best selling books.

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  1. I lost 80 pounds on Keto and never felt better in my life!!! Keto is awesome …. I had cheat days of course but went right back on with no issues!!

  2. Keto for people who don't eat poorly or have a lot of weight to lose (or those of us who don't eat that much to begin with) the fats and calories of Keto are far too high. I am sick to death of recipes being grease, cheese, heavy cream. The biggest defense of all diets: "you did it wrong". Keto is also not the cure for all illness and remember: Keto=$ profit for influencers & corporations. Lower junk food carb, mod fats, mod protein. Move more if you can. Keep more $ in your wallet!

  3. I lost 200 lbs in 2 years on keto! That was 7 years ago. I'm in great shape, I go to the doctor regularly because I have Lupus and I have normal cholesterol, heart rate and all that. I hike up mountains with no trouble so why others don't feel good on keto is probably because they are doing it wrong!!! I don't feel like I'm hungry all the time. I still eat 60 g protein, 20 carbs and 30 g of fat. I make my own food, don't buy anything processed. I eat breakfast at 4:30 p.m and dinner at 8, nothing else till the next day. I have upped my carbs to 50 per day to keep from losing more weight. I'm at my perfect weight and have stayed here for 7 years. I'm 53 years old and in the best shape of my life. I haven't had sugar, flour, fruit, bread, pasta etc for 7 years, don't miss the garbage.
    You just have to do keto correctly and not fall victim to the keto bars and snack and prepared crap meals. Do research, buy the correct foods, do some exercises and it will work. It's not super easy but if you want something you will do it. If you can't do it then you don't want it enough I guess because it IS achievable.

  4. You don't really need 80% fat on keto you can go even as low as 60 you're supposed to lower the fat once you become fat adapted as long as you hit your fat goals for the day if you go over them you could go over your calories

  5. This video is full of half truths and flat out lies…you try and put your definition of keto in a little box…a calorie is a calorie is a scientifically proven falsehood…processed foods are not the same as whole foods…you act like people claiming to lose weight and gain health is a misnomer or a unicorn…it's not… I am a N1 experiment with LCHF and KETO…and in one year I have lost a 100 pounds plus and gotten off three medications and regained my health and friends see and have done the same.. its not easy but it is simple and maintainable….never on the SAD diet that most Americans eat…it would take 5 videos to dispell all the misinformation of this video… SAD😢

  6. I started on a low sugar diet some years ago, then progressed to a low carb high fat diet and then to a keto, not that I needed it for weight loss, but simply because I saw other benefits and because I just liked the food. The truth is it does take some effort, as you need to cook your meals and carefully select your groceries, meat etc. But it's been fun and has never been difficult to sustain it. It may be intimidating to start with, but when you know your ways around your diet, it is super easy. And no, you don't need 80% fat all the time. As your body becomes fat adapted, you can allow more carbs and still be in ketosis, especially if you practice intermittent fasting, which is for many a natural part of a ketogenic diet. And being in ketosis all the time is often not the ultimate goal, the goal is metabolic flexibility, when your body can easily switch from carbs to fat and back. A strict "medically supervised keto" is only needed for a short period time to get your metabolism in order and shed some weight. After that most people just don't need this strict version. And no, calories are calories are calories idea is simplistic and so wrong. To start with, we spend a lot of calories to metabolise calories, and we metabolise carbs and fat very differently, fat and carbs trigger different processes which consume or store energy differently. And no, dietary fats do not cause fatty liver. The fat is mostly digested in the small intestine and then goes through the lymph system into the bloodstream. Fructose ( which is simple carbs) is digested by the liver (only!) and may cause NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) if consumed in large quantities. Be careful, some undisputed facts are mixed in this video with some very misleading information. Just some food for thoughts gents )))

  7. I really tried sticking with the the keto diet, but I just felt awful and it's also really difficult to adhere to. I then tried the Agoge diet and it was life changing, I highly recommend it to everyone.

  8. Overall this video seems to strawman the documented guidelines of the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic. If you can lose weight without insulin management then by all means. Since insulin resistance is widespread it is irresponsible to not address its impacts on dietary guidelines. Don’t bash a useful tool just because it doesn’t work for you. Keto might be the first step to someone’s long term weight management journey. Did this video really help someone start that journey??? Be the helping hand not the waging finger.

  9. Thank you! 🙂 Yes you are right: we need all a calorien deficit, BUT some people even do not lose weight if they are in a deficit and eat carbs. Because of their Insulin leves they produce when they are eating carbs. There comes the ketogenic diet in, where it bypasses the insulinresistance and makes sure that your calorydeficit will reach its goal. If someone has told me something like that before 20 years earlier, I would had have doubt it, but now I know that there are really people out there who cannot lose weight only with calory deficit. What I like on your diet is, that it is sustainable, healthy, because full of nutrients, PLANT-based. That is so crucial for keto too! So I want to add that your concept is a great concept, foremost for people who does not like meat, but sometimes – if it does not work as it should – it is necessary to implement keto as well. P.S. eating much of vegetables
    also stimulates the metabolism a lot and make up for a broken metabolism!
    And by the way, the most of us fall into keto if they are following a keto diet under 20 carbs a day (not only 5) ;-). And the problem is not the carb per se, but the bodys reaction with high glycose AND high insulinlevels. The longer this increased insulinlevels sustaine in the body the more insulin put fat in the cells. That's why ome does not lose weight and why keto is so successful! Kind regards.

  10. Keto macros…
    70% high healthy fat
    5% carbs
    25% protein

    You DO lose weight fast, almost effortlessly.
    You CAN lose 100lbs or more in a year … even without Keto.
    You will feel amazing and full of energy on Keto.
    Your taste buds will change, making you crave healthier foods!
    You DO NOT need to eat bacon and butter everyday … there are vegetarians living a ketogenic lifestyle!
    Somehow, I think you failed at the diet, was misled, etc., and decided it's not good …
    So what if you have to cook … you can lose 20lbs quickly just by cutting out fast food … how will you eat? YOU WILL COOK … and … save money!

  11. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. You have done no real research and are just regurgitating what the mainstream tells you a keto lifestyle is.

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