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16 Cheap & Healthy Foods | Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle On A Budget

16 Cheap & Healthy Foods | Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle On A Budget

16 Cheap & Healthy Foods | Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle On A Budget

I’m a big believer in sustainability, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and can we really sustain a healthy lifestyle that we can’t afford? Obviously, no.

So, in this video I’m sharing with you 16 cheap and astonishingly nutritious foods that won’t wreck your budget and will help you become healthier, reduce inflammation and lose weight too!

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  1. came to this video hoping to get some new recommendations for healthy eating on a budget, (i've been trying to make better shopping and eating decisions on my own i'm not deliberately looking to lose weight or become a fitness god) but i am so relieved to find my staple grocery items in this video!!! makes me realize that i'm doing some things right!!!! thank you so much for this list!! i've been living on beans, eggs, TUNA, and frozen broccoli :))))))

  2. I do eat the outside of the Kiwi. I wash them, slice the ends off and then slice the kiwi in small slices. The slices help, as it makes the slice seem more of the actual fruit and less of the skin.

  3. Where I am in Canada, all these prices are mostly ATLEAST 2x to 3x the price. Some are 5 ti es the price. Organic carrots here are about 5.65 after tax for the same bag you got. And bananas are around 5 after tax as well. Organic here is REALLY expensive because most of our food is shipped from other countries and so it don't last long. Organic bananas and carrots here might last 5 days. Lol

  4. I am so glad I found you! I have been doing IF for use and I love it. I eat like you so I am happy to get your ideas! I understand watching carbs but so many only focus on KETO and I prefer healthy eating.

  5. Thanks a lot. Your nice, helpfull, smart and interesting . By the way, avoid tatoo. Its much healthier to the skin…

  6. I 100% eat the kiwi skins. A lot of nutrients in there you would miss if you didnt. and obviously a lot of fiber lol. its not great when you bite in but after you chew a little its fine.

  7. How can you make sweet potatoes taste good? lol. I don't want to say i hate them but…..i hate them haha. I just want them to be normal potatoes, not sweet haha.

  8. Kiwis are usually packed as a snack in my lunch, and I’m usually eating them on the go so I will eat them whole in just a couple bites. I relate the taste of a kiwi skin to that of an apple skin. There really is no taste since the fruit is sweet and it’s easy to eat. I think it’s the texture that freaks some people out a bit, but if you can get over that, you’ll have a tasty zero-maintenance snack.

  9. If the fuzz is not too thick/long, I eat the skin nd all off of kiwis. Golden kiwi is a thinner skin over all. I just figure more fiber…

  10. Greek here.
    The only real Greek yogurt from the ones that are available in America is Fage.I have fage in my fridge right now,all the others aren't real Greek yogurt.
    Nice video,sending love from Greece 👋👋👌🇬🇷

  11. Lacey I'm interested in getting my macros. I see your 30 Day Healthy is on sale, when will your Custom Macro be on sale? Thanks

  12. Hi Lacey,
    I happened to stumble upon your videos and I'm glad I did. It's been a wealth of information. I do have a question I'm hoping you can answer. I know full fat yogurt is your go to but is fat free greek yogurt bad. Has it been modified in any other way than the fat removed? Thanks so much!

  13. 👏👏👏
    I used to eat the outside of kiwi lol…but I'm become allergic to them now for some reason so I stay away.

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