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5 Meals I Eat Every Week & Why – Whole Food Plant Based Diet

5 Meals I Eat Every Week & Why – Whole Food Plant Based Diet

5 Meals I Eat Every Week & Why – Whole Food Plant Based Diet

I am like most of you, at times I stick with same meals because they work and are delicious. In this video I show you 5 meals that I eat at least every week and have been doing fo a while. And also why I eat these! Hope you found this video helpful 💚

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  2. It's really cool you talk about the high quality supplements because essential nutrients in the right amounts are hard to provide in a a vegan diet. Your food looks beautiful and it looks tasty! I appreciate the way you are sharing about a whole food vegan diet… seems like a lot of vegans go for the highly processed and allergen prone/ dangerous ingredients of fake meat products :-/ I have to say, I'm amazed at how healthy and well your digestion is to be able to digest brown rice without sprouting and fermenting it, raw cabbagw, and, peppers without taking the skin off, and, the peanut butter… these are all things that are full of lectins! if you have any digestive issues at all would create a lot of gas and bloating and eventually just an unhealthy and inflamed gut. I guess you and your family have really healthy guts and somehow it doesn't bother you. Anyway, thanks for the yummy veggie inspiration! 😂🤙

  3. who gives a flying fuck what you eat everyday and why? confused why anyone would care about wtf you eat everyday and why, genuinely confused

  4. How you handle stress is what matters.
    Diet doesn't matter.All Bullshit eat what you want just avoid sugar . done

  5. to quote a line from "Analyze this" where De Niro said: "they have any real food around here? I mean this looks like f..ing bait" Jokes aside, the meals look really good,

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