Weight Loss Meal Plan

50 50 Plate on Starch Solution // Quick Weight Loss Meals // Maximum Weight Loss // Plant Based Diet

50 50 Plate on Starch Solution // Quick Weight Loss Meals // Maximum Weight Loss // Plant Based Diet

50 50 Plate on Starch Solution // Quick Weight Loss Meals // Maximum Weight Loss // Plant Based Diet

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For days when I’m busy and need a quick meal, I love making these easy recipes that I can just throw together.

Just because these meals are quick and easy, doesn’t mean they aren’t SO yummy and nutritious. I always make sure to make my plate 50/50.

I follow the Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall! On the plan, it’s recommended that you fill your plate with 50% starch and 50% vegetables. (for maximum weight loss!)

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My delicious cheese sauce recipe can be found here:

For my chili recipe, check out my video below:

The AMAZING McDougall Pad Thai can be found on Amazon, here!:

To see how I prep my fridge each week, check out this video:

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You can count on weekly vlogs from me about eating on the Starch Solution plan.

By following Dr. John McDougall’s Starch Solution plan, I’ve lost 35+ pounds and I’m not slowing down anytime soon.

Living healthier has inspired me to improve all aspects of my life.

I’m active in my day-to-day routine, I enjoy whole foods because they fuel me with energy, and my life has changed entirely by improving my health.

In my What I Eat in a Day Vlogs, I’ll share simple meals you can follow in your kitchen and in your own routine.

Key bits to remember:

👉 Set your goals – ask yourself WHY you want to follow this way of eating.

👉 Eat a 50/50 plate – fill your meal plates with half being starches (potatoes or rice) and half being non-starchy veggies (like leafy greens).

👉 Give yourself grace – this is a journey of self-discovery and growth. If your results aren’t as quick as mine, let’s chat it out together and find you a solution. Don’t be discouraged!

Check out my Starch Solution journey in this video ⤵️

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  1. Awesome thank you so much for sharing your easy recipes for people like me WHO CANNOT COOK and is a beginner to the PLANT BASE WAY OF EATING LOVE DR MCDOUGALL AND MARY MCDOUGAL THEY ARE SO AWESOME AND AMAZING

  2. Hi I came across your channel and love it! I'm going to start a channel too. I've thought about it for years and need to make that leap. I love your recipes. I have some I'll share too but not sure what my channel will be about. hehe…I make dreamcatchers, eat vegan, love spooky movies, I guess I'm an eclectic type. Anyway, I just subscribed and clicked the bell. I'll be checking more of your video's and can't wait for the next one. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  3. This video was just suggested to me and I'm so glad it was and that I came across your channel! You've got a new subscriber! Thanks for the simple meal ideas. Looking forward to try that cheese sauce. And the hummus/water on the kale and spaghetti, genius!!!

  4. I’ve wanted to follow the starch solution strictly for a while. I can’t seem to stick to it. I’ve hired my friend who is a personal trainer and she insists I need lots of protein. Although she is not plant based she eats a lot of plant based meals. She is the reason I AM plant based. I just happen to have different thinking on eating animals than she does. Anyway, I’m tired of the back and forth about protein 😫 and want to give it a go again but stick to it this time! I need to lose 35 to 40 lbs too!
    Love that you meals are simple and quick!🙂

  5. Love the video! Please back the camera up some from the food. It’s way too close and I watch it on my tv and it’s painful for the eyes. If you could just shoot the food from a little farther back that would be great 😀

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