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6 Pack Diet Plan Disaster (CALORIE CUTTING!)

6 Pack Diet Plan Disaster (CALORIE CUTTING!)

6 Pack Diet Plan Disaster (CALORIE CUTTING!)

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The biggest mistake one can make when trying to diet for a 6 pack is creating their caloric deficit through reduced food intake alone. You simply cannot look at your nutrition that simply. Food provides so much more than just calories and energy. The right types of food can trigger a hormonal cascade that can not only tip the scales of protein synthesis but can set the stage for whether you can continue to stick to your hypo caloric diet long term.

Eating for a six pack is one of the most overcomplicated things that lifters will do. They attempt to cut fast by eating far fewer calories than they normally take in. All this does is cause reflexive hunger and cravings that wind up catching up to you sooner or later and preventing you from sticking to your weight loss plan long term. The proper way to achieve a state of hypo caloric deficit is to focus more on creating the deficit through training and not diet.

If you are eating a clean diet and just can’t seem to lose those last levels of body fat, you likely are suffering from this phenomenon first hand. The key is to actually increase the calories that you are eating and aim towards creating more of a calorie burn through training instead. The burst training workouts that ATHLEAN-X is known for are a great way to start doing that and they won’t take you very long to do this.

In just 20 minutes or less, you can start burning hundreds of calories while allowing you to resume eating more calories and still lose body fat. The increased food intake will carry along with it, important micronutrients and macronutrients that are necessary for stimulating muscle growth. Over time, the more muscle that you accumulate the more metabolically active tissue you have which itself will require a higher set point of daily caloric intake.

This is why athletes can eat much more throughout the day and still be ripped. The amount of calories they burn training or playing allows them to increase their food intake which helps them to provide their muscles with the nutrition and quality foods needed to support muscle growth. If you keep making the abs diet mistake of cutting calories alone, you will find that your metabolism will slow and your fat burning efforts will come to a halt.

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  1. I have been struggling to get past 15% body fat for the last month and this makes perfect sense. I was removing too many carbs from my diet and felt like passing out at the end of my AX1 workouts. This video helps me finetune my approach to my nutrition and to be more patient eith my progress.

  2. Great points. But wouldn’t the situation also be handled by fasting 2 separate days and eating normally 5? That way you’re in a weekly deficit but still feeding.

  3. I need some adivce yall – i am 163 cm tall 73kg ( with muscle) trying to lose some fat , i weightlift 5 times a week wit 3-4 times cardio. for 3 months i am eating around 1600- 1700 kcl a day, at first i saw change but now it feels like i am plateauing, should i just keep going or should i increase/decrease my kcl?

  4. This video feels to be rather antithetical to most that are shared on the ATHLEAN-X channel, which latter usually emphasize dietary habits rather than aggressive physical exercise, as a better approach to fitness and health.

  5. This is what I've been doing wrong. I read, alot, that you shouldn't eat less than 1000 calories per day but at 4" 7' it's hard to lose weight even on 1000 calories. So, training just got more intense. I'll do it Jeff's way. Thank you.

  6. Hey i need help pls. I am 5.11 weigh 165 lbs and I want to go down to about 155 I’m like 13-15% bf and I want to reach 10% I eat about 120-150 grams of protein a day, I eat about 1800-2000 kcal max I workout 4-6 times a week, I walk 10km a day, (burn around 400-500kcal a day through walking and workout) but I reached a plateau I cannot lose anymore fat for about 2-3 weeks, pls help !!

  7. I’ve been eating one meal a day for close to two months and I lost 20lbs. Want to lose another 15 ideally.

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