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A 2-Week Low Sodium Diet: Can I Live On 1 Teaspoon Of Salt Per Day? | Talking Point | Full Episode

A 2-Week Low Sodium Diet: Can I Live On 1 Teaspoon Of Salt Per Day? | Talking Point | Full Episode

A 2-Week Low Sodium Diet: Can I Live On 1 Teaspoon Of Salt Per Day? | Talking Point | Full Episode

Singaporeans consume almost double the recommended amount of salt a day. What is it doing to our health? Host Rai Kannu discovers the hidden salt in our favourite foods, and finds out what happens to our bodies when we cut back on our daily salt intake, by going on a low sodium diet for 2 weeks.

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  1. If you cant tell the difference between the lower sodium and regular sodium food, that just show how average the food in Singapore are.

  2. Sugar, salt, carbs and saturate fats are all bad for you. The only food you can eat are carrots and lettus, even that may have e. coli. I give up.

  3. They made it so big by saying 1,500 mg , 1000 mg , then you have to realize that this converts to 1.5g , 1g , so on and so forth. 5 grams is suppose to be our ideal limit.

  4. When I was young, my mum always ask me not to drink the soup from my soupy meals. She said the soup is not healthy, I am in awe of her wisdom now as I often take soupy meals but didn’t touch the soup.

  5. After JUST 3-days of a 1,500mg sodium diet I FEEL FKING GREAT!!!!! You can actually see my muscle tone that was previously covered with water retention. Plus I slept through the night without getting up to PEE fours times!! I have one nutritional plant-based smoothie with a large planet-based dinner with fruit for snacks. I make my own breads, vegan cheeses, kimchi and condiments. You can no longer trust ANY processed food. They are not sold for health, only for profit.

  6. Just cut out the salt, stupid. No need to drag your ass all over town interviewing all kinds of people, fooling viewers into watching this bloody time-waste video!

  7. I just had a major heart attack at 43, I’ve been on very low sodium diet for a few weeks. Thankfully I had spent some time learning how to cook and season food. That has helped me cook better food with little to no sodium. Herb marinades with chicken are a life saver. I am watching this video thinking. Yes it’s absolutely killing us, I almost died and also feeling every bit of your pain!!

  8. The moral of the story is when you eat a low salt diet , you have to exercise to take out some salt in your body . But eating no salt is also bad for health too as you exercise . The doctor never say he needs to exercise to reduce the salt intake on his body and a balance diet for high blood pressure is very important . Taking too less salt may increase heart disease .

  9. i have pretty funny story. twice i checked with doctors that i have high blood pressure. checked randomly i have 140+ systolic. but it went down to 120 when lying down inside doctors room. doc said look you are healthy and didnt have hypertension. wasted money in the process. the reason why i did that because my brother has high BP. he is like 160+ without his medication. anyway ill continue to have low sodium intake.

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