Weight Loss Meal Plan

Alli Diet Plan | Over 40 | #1

Alli Diet Plan | Over 40 | #1

Alli Diet Plan | Over 40 |   #1

Alli Diet Plan | Over 40 | #1

Hello everyone! In this video I talk about my Alli Diet Plan, my journey and what I’m doing. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks for watching 😉

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  1. The struggle is real..i am 52 and this weight came on about 3 years ago had my hysterectomy at 47 was down to 150 now 177 unbelievable nothing fits.. and wearing 10s and no longer my 8s. I brought these pills and been sitting them in the drawer well quarantine time guess is the best.
    I'm dying cause I know what you mean about steps and I have tennis courts literally across the street and have walked around the court.. I'm gonna start this week and my eating has changed..
    Good video

  2. You don't look 40+ whatsoever! I'm nearly 50, so I know what 40's typically looks like! Be thankful for the clearly great genetics! And yes, the weight loss is so much more effort with age. Thanks for the video!

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