Weight Loss Meal Plan

Anti-inflammatory diet meal prep

Anti-inflammatory diet meal prep

Anti-inflammatory diet meal prep

You’ve heard inflammation can cause a lot of issues in the body, but what does that actually mean? Registered Dietitian Ginger Hultin’s book, Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep explains all and takes a look at some of the foods that can fight it.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Ginger Hultin’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep: Reduce inflammation with good food―84 easy recipes and 6 weeks of meal prep plans.

Sticking to an anti inflammatory diet can feel overwhelming, but the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep cookbook makes it efficient, effective, and delicious to improve your health. This book shows you how to make perfectly portioned, pre-prepared meals for six full weeks, so whenever you open your fridge or freezer, you’ll have healthy, home-cooked, anti inflammatory options ready to go.

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  1. WHOLE grains are not refined, refined grains cause inflammation. Dark berries, cherries, salmon, chicken, eggs GMO and trans fat free, olive almond and avacodo oils, chic peas, cinnamon, coffee, no sugars, no corn syrup : ketchup, salad dressings, coffee creamers. Almond milk

  2. No, no, no. Soy – so bad. Grains – so bad. These are the kinds of things that actually made me sick.
    Anti-inflammatory means getting rid of the soy, most grains (oats may be ok in less processed form – think steel cut rather than rolled oats), but in moderation. Consider corn to be a grain and avoid, avoid, avoid.
    I had to stop at this point, because I couldn't even watch bad info.
    Hopefully you have wild-caught fish, such as salmon, good free range chicken and eggs, and grass-fed and finished beef. IMO you're better off staying away from pork, but do your research as to why. Obviously no dairy. Go with almond milk and again, avoid the soy.

  3. Grains are one of the most inflammatory foods and that is the first food she says is an anti-inflammatory!?! I'm glad she said that first thing so I can stop watching now.

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