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BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING | 15 healthy eating tips

BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING | 15 healthy eating tips

BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING | 15 healthy eating tips

Here is a short list of some of the tips that I found the most helpful when transitioning into healthier eating habits. I hope these 15 simple steps help to make healthy eating a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable for you.
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5 Tips for Curbing Sugar Cravings: https://youtu.be/sG6_SmU0mkY

Thanks for watching! I hope you have a healthy and delicious day! – xo Dani

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  1. So true. When you feel hungry just eat, and eat healthy unprocessed food. It really does work.
    I love your advise clear and. Just like healthy eatting. straight to the point xx

  2. I realise I’m extremely late but I have been sewarching YouTube videos for ways to improve myself through nutrition, so even though it’s been four years, I’ve only am just seen this video.

    I wanted to say that the presenter was doing very well until they got to the bit where they started to say that eating u healthy foods is healthy as long as your mom made it with love.

    That is utter nonsense.

    Unhealthy foods are unhealthy no matter who makes them and how much love they put into it.

    What she is talking about is having little treats. If you love your moms lasagna, there is no harm in having it every once in a while as a little treat to yourself. You’re sharing food you love with people you love and those little treats can help you on your journey.

    Notice I said once in a while.

    That is not how the presenter worded what she was saying however. She worded it as though unhealthy food became healthy because your mom cooked it with love.

    She needs to choose her words more carefully.

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