Weight Loss Meal Plan

Best Diet For Women Over 50

Best Diet For Women Over 50

Best Diet For Women Over 50

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  1. Some good tools here for me to test out. I'm super frustrated with myself. It's "only" 8 pounds but I can't get it off. I really want to recomp and get the body fat down as it's been creeping up these last two years so I know the scale is deceptive. I'm 60, btw, a mesomorph. Writing down how often I'm consistent on those measures will be enlightening, I think. I've def been in the deficit mindset. I'd done well for 4 months doing 40C/30P/30F with 3 days a wk resistance training but plateaued for 2 mos. When I tried to bump up the protein and add one more day of training, things went off the rails and I felt so sapped of energy. Your calculation would have me at 1416 calories and 118 g of protein. That's about 150 more calories a day and 20 more g protein than MyFitnessPal was giving me. I gained those 4 pounds back in 1 month bumping up the protein and calories. I'm so confused and apprehensive about adding in those calories! But my belly is actually jiggly and that's downright horrifying!

  2. At last a diet that works for me. I have tried lower calorie diets and the fast diet, which was just miserable. This number of calories is easy for me and after only six days I have lost three pounds.
    Another fourteen to go and I think maintainance will be no problem at all.
    Thank you Susan.

  3. i have been into body building for 25 years im now 59 at this point im maintaining my muscles at one point i gained 10 pounds felt horrible i found i couldnt eat high carbs like i use to before menopause i had to go with low carbs and i lost the weight and i look more defined again everyone is different what works for one doesnt work for another everyone has to find what works for them im blessed i can look the way i do at 59 i even had major back surgery due to wear and tear form all the years with weight machines at the gym i over came that im trying to get back into working out i have good days and bad days its only been 5 months but im doing it i also have under active thyroid like you said there are so many excuses but if you find what works you can lose the weight you can lift weights start low work your way up thats another thing after surgery i could not start were i left off i felt like a beginner i started getting depressed i was weak but one day at a time im getting there i will be back to wear i use to be thank you for these videos

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