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BEST menopause diet for weight loss | WEIGHT LOSS OVER 40 & 50 FEMALE

BEST menopause diet for weight loss | WEIGHT LOSS OVER 40 & 50 FEMALE

BEST menopause diet for weight loss | WEIGHT LOSS OVER 40 & 50 FEMALE

Menopause diet for successful weight loss over 50 women. Download my free nutrition guide and 14 day meal plan: https://bodybybikini.com/pl/2147550906

The diet will deal with menopause weight gain and help alleviate menopause symptoms.

Here’s the link to the video about how to strength train for fat loss for women over 40, that I talk about in the video https://youtu.be/7guRqjMaYt0

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The BEST diet for weight loss over 40

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  1. Thank you love your video and information. You look awesome I love the fitness field and do strength training but am menapausal and gained weight in my belly that am having such a hard time losing. It can be frustrating thanks for the encouragement. ♥️

  2. Dear Melissa, I am from Croatia, momof 4, you get inspired me so much!!! I also do like trainer and teach women to get in shape!
    Love you so much on first sight!!!

  3. You are gorgeous but could you please move your console table to right so it alligns with the center of the wall mirror.
    I am OCD & that distracts me💗

  4. Hi i am not understand the eating habits at all its confusing to me because most of the foods that you mentioned i don't eat any how so could you do a meal plan for changing what's better for the body and what's going to help if your eating out. I understand about the sugar and this is my biggest problem, but most of the time I am not hungry then I eat the foods with sugar I think what would help is if you could do more food planning for people whose going through the menopause. With working out I have never worked out with weights and don't know much about high intensive training. I want to work out and just order some gym for me to achieve this .

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