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Beyond Weight Loss Documentary Review | Nutrition or Bodybuilding?

Beyond Weight Loss Documentary Review | Nutrition or Bodybuilding?

Beyond Weight Loss Documentary Review | Nutrition or Bodybuilding?

​Checkout our reaction to Beyond Weight Loss a documentary on Amazon Prime Video. @Frugal Fit Mom and I watched this documentary last month and followed the counsel and tips given in the documentary for 6 weeks. So far I’ve lost 4-5 pounds in 6 weeks. The documentary has some good diet practices but is biased toward bodybuilding. They are skeptical of any and all endurance sports and cardiovascular exercise.

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  1. When it comes to diets I think biggest lesson is to listen to your body. I feel heavy after 3-4 600 cal healthy meals but I feel great on IF and Keto. They're right in saying that we're different

  2. The vast majority of people fail at permanent weight loss. There is no magical macro strategy (high-carb low fat, keto, high protein, whatever). There is no magical number of meals per day. You have to first get your mind right and then find the most convenient diet FOR YOU. Those that have tried know that getting your mind right is the most difficult part.

  3. BWL inspired me and got me to try six meals per day at 300 cal per meal. But I felt overwhelmed by trying to eat very healthy and trying to exercise regularly. So I just focused on making my 300 cal meals as tasty, cheap, and convenient as possible. I did eat healthier, but most importantly, I ate the foods that I could stick to…which is the key. You have to be able to eat less when you aren't motivated…even when you are motivated to binge. I lost over 100 pounds in six months.

  4. With this type of information, the combative, controversial we're right they're wrong presentation is big turn off even if information itself is sound. Admit the bias with an invitation to try it out. So much variety and complexity, would be better to to take the tone of, "Here's a way that works for a lot of successful fit people, here's what to know to give it a fair try yourself." The best method is the one the a person can stick to, so opening up experimentation and trying different things out would build a better foundation for long term healthy habits.

  5. I love the way y'all interact… It reminds me of my husband+ myself. I'm a RDN (registered Dietitian/Nutritionist). (BS degree + MS degree + 9month internship). So lots of schooling req'd. I agree w almost all of what y'all said/your evaluation. It is all about finding realistic balance which can last + avoiding the loss of muscle. The moment muscle is lost your metabolic rate decreases! I'm NOT a typical RD … I don't teach cookie cutter nutrition bc we are ALL different! And you're so right about nutrition labels being misleading! Funny irony… Nutrition facts label passed in 1991. Same era as low fat diet craze. …. Within one decade of nutrition facts label we had the most overweight- obese population in US history …it did worsen from 2001-2011 time period but has improved some in the lat decade due to heightened awareness + more availablility of health food options. Great video + love your personalities! greetings from TX!

  6. Also, the glycemic index isn't reliable even when carbs are eaten alone, because blood glucose response is simply not consistent for everyone. It's just like when an exercise machine tells you how many calories you burned, unless the machine is basing this on your specific metabolic information and monitoring your respiration, etc.

  7. Thank you for your reviews on the documentary. My name is Keith Klein. I was in it and listened to your review. I think you two did a good job overviewing the documentary. A lot of what I said couldn’t be included just for times sake. But I agree totally that everyone should find their way and do what they live for sustainable weight loss. So long as you love what you do, you’ll keep doing it. I agree totally, if you love running, run. If you love dance, dance. Anyway, thank you so much for taking your time to give everyone your input. Hopefully you understand how hard it is to fit everything in to an 1 1/2 film. I enjoyed your input. Warm regards to both of you.

  8. White rice=no fiber; brown rice= fiber. One is better than the other. The problem with cereal and milk, even high fiber, is milk has sugar along with the protein and fat. I cannot eat cereal and milk anymore. It hurts my stomach.

  9. 4:55 Hmm sounds a lot like you and/or the makers of the documentary want to misunderstand the label. It's obvious that this label describes that 7% of the stuff is pure fat and 93% is "other stuff (protein, water, vitamins, minerals…) There are zero reasons to assume anything else. And knowing that fat has a higher calorie density than protein or carbs is part of general knowledge.

  10. Great video! The 40 pounds I've been carrying and couldn't lose from years' worth of failed diets, processed junk/fast food American diet which I enjoyed, suddenly disappeared in 6 months. This past January, I moved back to France and am back to my normal 110 pounds. The healthiest I've ever been! And I will never diet again😊

  11. The "fat formula' was a major part of the old Susan Powter book Stop The Insanity back in the 80s. And yes, I am old enough that I read that book, and actually lost weight using the information in it. But Susan Powter was vegan at the time and poo-pooed the idea of eating protein. It was years later when I got into casual body building that I learned the power of protein and how to use a cutting diet to reduce my body fat. I got as low as 14% for a while, and looked pretty good too.
    As for the Frugal Fit Dad, this was my first time seeing your videos. I love your vibe, and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of this doc. Find exercises that you enjoy, and do what is sustainable for the long haul.

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