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Dietitian Reacts to Adele's Weight Loss…Why I Haven't Addressed it Until Now

Dietitian Reacts to Adele's Weight Loss…Why I Haven't Addressed it Until Now

Dietitian Reacts to Adele's Weight Loss…Why I Haven't Addressed it Until Now

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In today’s episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, we are discussing Adele’s weight loss transformation and why I haven’t addressed…Until now.


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Contribution by Giselle Segovia RD MHSc

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  1. I have graves disease. My weight fluctuated greatly, and I would get complemented on my weight loss. The reality was that I was very sick and felt extremely unhealthy. I also felt guilty because I wasn't eating foods that were good for me, I was eating absolutely everything I could with the idea that I could stop the weight loss.

  2. The only "-er" word I usually comment on is if they look "happier". Asking them why usually results in a fun conversation about their relationships improving, them picking up new hobbies or working hard on self love.

  3. i am so on board with abbey on this one ive dealt with ed and therefore been up and down with my weight not long ago i had a person at work mention she thought i lost weight after gaining some over covid she even specifically noticed in my waist …it made me feel sooo uncomfortable especially being asked at work ..she asked me what i was i doing ect ..i told her i was wearing black it really wasnt intentional and i went home feeling like crap feeling as though someone was analyzing me for my body im very sensitive and i agree people should not comment on peoples bodies.

  4. Honestly I think that the weight loss comments can both be good and bad. A little anecdote… I was severely depressed and gained a lot of weight. I then got better and lost about 15kg ( this was a personal decision because I did not feel comfortable in my body when it came to aesthetics but especially because the weight had started to cause joint and back pain, I am not saying that if you gain weight the ultimate goal should be yo loose it again. That differs for everyone) and the compliments from the people who knew I was working on it where extremely encouraging. However everyone and their mother started commenting on my weight loss… then I had a bit of a setback when it came to my mental health and gained quite a bit of the weight back. I was terrified to leave the house and see people because their disappointed (I’m sure some of them where just imagined) looks made feel like an absolute failure. So overall I’d say: if your best friend or something like that confides in you about their journey then yes compliments are encouraging but if they don’t then just don’t bring it up. When they’re comfortable they will bring it up themselves.

  5. So important. Literally a couple months ago I dropped a substantial amount of weight from anxiety plus ED relapse and someone commented "did you lose alot of weight recently? You look amazing!" I responded with "oh yeah I was too anxious to eat" and they just laughed πŸ˜…

  6. I dislike commenting on weight. It always feels like in intruding on private matters, even though some people seem to like it when people notice their efforts to loose weight. For me it is not so much that people tell me they noticed I lost weight, than rather telling me in the same breath that it looks good. Implying I am more beautiful skinnier. This hurts me since I know I might gain the weight back, due to my weight often fluctuating.

  7. My entire life has consisted of and revolves around the way that I look. I have always received negative comments about my body for as long as I can remember. Whether it is people, society, or [usually/commonly] my family, my body is the subject of all issue: IT is me…First impressions are of the way I look (usually disgusted). It is the ONLY aspect of my life, nothing else…So, this makes health journeys (physical and mental) so incredibly hard (impossible), because those are commented about as well. I’m only 18 and this is all that I have ever known…

  8. Luckily to me, this is mostly annoying, not triggering, but my husband’s family (from countryside) views proper, healthy body to be bigger than mine. I weight 61kg/~120pounds, which is basically perfect for my height, eat balanced meals, include all food groups, eat until I feel full. But to them I feel full too soon. I worked hard on them for past 3 years, but they still every now and then, try to force me into eating more.
    I am quite anxious right now because I am pregnant and I really don’t want them to feel like they have any more right to dictate the size of my portions…
    For now we hope that argument β€žnot to annoy me about that, because I have to avoid stress now” will work, but we’ll see.

  9. I actually love how Adele handles her weight loss to the public. It makes me feel that no matter what size you are in, it doesn't matter. Whether you have gain weight or lost weight, you are still you

  10. I lost almost 40 pounds before being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was 13, and my family was ELATED. Thought it was the greatest thing on earth, nevermind the fact I looked like a POW. I was a bigger kid, and they just were just hoping that other kids would like me more now that I was smaller. I was down to 75 pounds at 4'10". And no, kids are the worst and just started making fun of me for being sick all the time.

  11. I lost a lot of weight due to an ED and the comments really got me to double down on the unhealthy tactics I was using. I remember being told β€œif you lose any more weight you are gonna disappear! You look great!” Like what

  12. Not related to nutrition & eating but.. can you let me know where your shirt is from LOL. I love it, it’s so cute!!

  13. I am pretty skinny because I struggle with ED for years. I was trying to put on some weight to improve my health and a couple of people complimented me for expecting a baby (I wasn't pregnant and I was actually coming out of a bad breakup). It defintely stopped my improvement and pushed me back to lose some weight….

  14. Oh wow! I'm shocked about myself that this video is blowing my mind. In my family and also with my friends the outer appearence was always such a big deal and I thought I was crazy because I always felt so bad about it, even if someone said things like "wow you look so pretty" or "did you lose weight?". And I have to admit that I was also saying things like these all the time because I thought this was nice, even if I felt bad about hearing things like that. My own behavior is a part of the problem! Now I feel like I can start to talk about it with my friends and family.
    Thank you so much for this video!

  15. Adele always seemed perfectly comfortable being heavier, but I heard her say after the weight loss that she had a young child that she needed to chase after. Enough said. She wasn’t fat shaming heavy people – I call it jealousy when they carry on like she turned on them. Let’s talk about her music, the only thing we have the right to discuss.

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