Weight Loss Meal Plan

Dr. McDougall Gives Weight Loss Advice for WOMEN

Dr. McDougall Gives Weight Loss Advice for WOMEN

Dr. McDougall Gives Weight Loss Advice for WOMEN

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Hi! Welcome to my Healthy Hunnies family.
My name is Healthy Emmie. I’ve been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, PopSugar, and more as the go-to nutritionist for plant-based weight loss. I’ve personally coached thousands of people. Combining the teachings of Dr. John McDougall’s Starch Solution, Dr. Joel Furhman’s Nutritarian Eat To Live Diet, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Doug Lisle, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Michael Greger and more… I’ve trademarked my Slim on Starch® system for weight loss and weight maintenance. I’ve received my certificate through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which qualifies me to coach individuals. Each client in my Slim on Starch program works with me, as well as my carefully selected team of nutrition coaches who are registered dietitians in their personal practices. Each client also works with a carefully selected team of mindset coaches, whose personal practices stretch from therapists, trauma specialists, addiction specialists, psychologists, health coaches, doctors, personal trainers, and more. If you’re interested in working with me and my team, please visit https://healthyemmie.org/coaching. I look forward to helping you change your life. You deserve health and happiness.

0:00 Introduction & Agenda
1:05 Meet Dr. McDougall
3:00 Going Against the Grain
6:50 Overt Fats for Women
13:06 Pregnancy Diet
14:59 Puberty
17:32 Different Desires for Different Ages
18:29 Pregnancy
19:49 Best Diet for Fertility
21:35 Best Diet of Athletes
23:22 Can Kids Eat A Starch Solution Diet?
24:22 Acne
24:45 Best Diet for Children
26:18 Human History
27:49 Breastfeeding & Postpartum
30:52 Menopause & Post Menopause
33:47 Dr. McDougall’s Cat
35:15 Modern Food Poisons
35:33 Exercise Recommendation
37:18 Dr. McDougall’s Hard Work & Accomplishments
40:11 Glycemic Index
43:52 Top Tips for Weight Loss
44:48 Eating at Restaurants with Oil
46:20 12-Day McDougall Program
46:45 In Closing…

Video for Dr Mcdougall Maximum Weight Loss Meal Plan
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  1. This guy is a total scam he's 75 look at the effects that diet he's promoting had on him. He looks sick. I did this diet loss so much muscle mass I was vitamin deficient my brain wasn't functioning properly like it's completely none-sense. Low carb diet worked the best still on it last 8 years lost over 60lbs of fat the first 2 years also combined it with gym so yea low carb or like keto something animal animal based would be the best way to go. Also my insulin was all out of whack with this starch based diet the doctor told me I was Pre-diabetic completely insane diet, it doesn't work

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