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Eat Your Carbs But Lose Weight | Chef AJ is a McDougall Success Story | Dr. John & Mary McDougall

Eat Your Carbs But Lose Weight | Chef AJ is a McDougall Success Story | Dr. John & Mary McDougall

Eat Your Carbs But Lose Weight | Chef AJ is a McDougall Success Story | Dr. John & Mary McDougall




TO LISTEN TO THE TALK DR. McDOUGALL RECOMMENDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbyCJY7AC4k&t=265s

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  1. Deny the obvious. Yes. If he tried to survive on his diet five hundred years ago he'd have starved to death. You need a supermarket. In fact, you couldn't do it a hundred years ago.

  2. I am a 244 pound African American from St. Louis. I'm tried of everyone's advice. UNTIL NOW. I stumbled upon Chef AJ last week and I have been Binge watching. I lost 5 pounds in one week watching her and taking notes. I just came back from Aldi's… all non-starchy veggies in my cart. For once, I wasn't embarrassed for people to peep into my cart:) I LOVE YOU! Weired I know….Lol Lol….lol….Lol

  3. Such a great video. I’m 18 years old and have been vegan for 3 to 4 years. Only recently have a cut out oils, processed foods and focusing more on carbs/starches. Within a week my acne was completely gone. Can’t wait to live a long healthy life!

  4. I’m new to WFPB way of life. I love this. What one book of yours, chef AJ would you recommend to me. I just got “the starch solution” and I’m excited to read it.

  5. Chef AJ
    I am now more CONFUSED.
    Doctor McDougall just said that he always knew that the flu was a VIRUS
    But because he couldn’t SEE it he DIDN’T BELIEVE IT.
    Did I hear him right. A Doctor saying such a thing????
    Do not get me wrong, I think he is a great man…but I am getting confused with some of the things he is saying!!!!

  6. Chef AJ
    Further to my previous comment, I am now very CONFUSED.
    I am the same age as Dr McDougall.
    I have been on a Plant based whole food diet for a few years, but do consume Olive and Coconut Oil, Butter, Avocado , Red wine and occasionally some animal protein.
    I have Type 2 Diabetes ( HB1AC..7.00 )
    I have not had a cough, cold or the FLU for about 20 years.
    I just heard Dr McDougall say that he has the FLU several times every year!!!!!!!!
    Is there any reason he has such a BAD IMMUNE SYSTEM in spite of being on what appears to be a great eating plan?????
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  7. Chef AJ
    Great content as usual, and you also have Dr McDougall and his wife on.
    I am aType 2 Diabetic, and my doctor forbids the consumption of Potatoes, Rice, Bread and any other complex Carbs.
    He says they will send my BLOOD SUGAR very high and cause the release of large amounts of INSULIN.
    Please give me some guidance. I want to follow this way of eating.
    Thank You

  8. I absolutely love Dr McDougall. You can tell how genuine and passionate about what he does. I never get tired of listening to him.

  9. john is right because the higher the grams of complex carbohydrates of 70 or 80% of calories while fat can drop as low as 3% fat and 6 % protein (like human breast milk) to be in positive nitrogen balance. This is best accomplished provided one takes into the account the sequeincing (start each meal with green and yellow veggies, veggies soups, veggie salads (oil free sugar free) then fruit, then starch veggies potatoes, to beans, nuts, seeds, ancient grains when you want to get shredded to reduce body fat while sustaining muscle or to gain weight while building muscle, go in reverse sequence of food categories beginning with yams, nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado, black rice, beans, potatoes, fruit and last salads of greens, yellow veggies (squash) caseroles, or soups. The easiest thing is to get enough protein because plant carbs spare the body protein since always the body must meet energy needs which are derived from the plant foods, with protein being used for building and repair. Mike Mentzer Mr Universe was right, enzymes recycle that gives 150 grams of protein and 30 grams come from the intestines recycling, that gives every human over 180 grams of protein with the entire amino acid pool before one even takes a bite of food! That is why as little as 20 grams of protein taken in from the diet 3% of calories of a 3,000 calorie diet is 9 grams of protein actually helps New Gunea Natives, incredibly muscular strong people ripped, muscular all from consuming mostly sweet potatoes and their leaves, making them the lowest protein lowest fat intake and the highest complex carbohydrate diet in the world. PS free of diabetes, no cancer no heart disease. They do die if a famine lack of food, yet protein intake leaves over 30% waste by product, fat leaves 7% waste while complex carbs burn as pure fuel with 0 Waste, carbon dioxide we exhale, and oxygen, and water we excrete via urine or perspiration. See Nickdelgado.com/coaching for the 7 pillars of health.

  10. "You could write my name on a bathroom wall and I won't care as long as you spell my name right and get my phone number correct!" LMAO!! This is why McDougall is so awesome!

  11. Gosh. I wish this online program was $100 a day. I would pay $200 -$300 a day in person, but 100s kind of my limit. I'll just enjoy all the free webinars books and information

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