Weight Loss Meal Plan

EXTREME -6kg Korean Instagram Diet Meal Plan 🍠 일주일에 6kg 빠진다는 인스타그램 다이어트 첼린지 😮

EXTREME -6kg Korean Instagram Diet Meal Plan 🍠 일주일에 6kg 빠진다는 인스타그램 다이어트 첼린지 😮

EXTREME -6kg Korean Instagram Diet Meal Plan 🍠 일주일에 6kg 빠진다는 인스타그램 다이어트 첼린지 😮

Hello Stars 🌟

It’s me~ Stacey~
I have been eating super unhealthy, so I wanted to do a little diet challenge!
I show you my whole one week meal plan + the result 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

The IG diet I am doing : https://www.instagram.com/p/COIDnSVtVL1/?utm_medium=copy_link

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Discord : https://discord.gg/fCeG2j
Twitch : tv.twitch.com/yastacey

Any criticisms, suggestions and anything! Let me know in the comment section ❤️

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  1. Remember everyone, extreme diets are not an ideal thing and are almost never healthy so do not take this diet as an ideal everyday thing because you’re usually not meeting the ideal intake of vitamins, proteins, fats, etc to stop you from feeling like you’ve been hit by a train.

    She’s probably already used to doing diets like this since she does do modeling and dieting is pretty rough in that industry so she probably doesn’t struggle the same way as would someone who is starting out eating like this. If you are trying to loose weight please do not start out as extreme as this, instead opt for minimizing slowly the most unhealthy foods that u consume (ex. If you’re used to eating fast food 3 times a week for breakfast and dinner cut that out for either two times a week but only have one option of those two and eat healthy foods for the rest of the day or just once a week have that breakfast and dinner with your lunch being healthy)or just find healthier options of the things you already eat!

    Remember that if you’re gonna omit meat completely or mostly out of your diet you should take b12 and not only eat fruits and vegetables! Instead try also packed foods that are processed but not unhealthy ( protein bars, mock meat, bread, healthy snacks, yogurts, eggs, lean meats, tofu, etc. Every body and person is different, just cus it works for her and she feels totally fine doesn’t mean it will make you feel the same way!

    Edit: typos

  2. I'm sorry but your behavior is dangerous.
    You are already slim but want to get 6kg off
    so at the end you would weigh about 46kg
    I don't know your exact height but it seems like these 46kg would be a little underweight
    just saying

  3. WTF, People if you want to be skinny you gotta start quitting the diet mentality, and rather start looking for satiety and hunger sensations, that's what you want to normalize, everytime you starve your brain it assumes there's no food around you but guess what, that's not true, so you will find yourself eating without control and of course gaining weight, your brain regulates how much you eat, give it the right signals, if you are hungry eat, yes you have to try eat healthy and be careful with processed food and sugar but this never means to become an orthorexic and completely cut forever those foods from your life , learn to listen your body, try to find what works for you, is possible to have your desired weight, eat what you need and what satisfies you and be happy but quit diet culture please, is the worse thing in the world.

  4. you are skinny girl!! maybe try weight training if you aren’t happy, building lean muscle takes away our body fat without having these crazy restrictions:) i recommend you to research resistance training and the term “skinny fat” and how to get rid of it, although you do not have a lot of fat on you at all! you’re perfect and doing first like this are never sustainable, as you already know in your comment. you cant go wrong with resistance training<3

  5. ترا جسمك قبل اذا تحطينه عشرة منه مقارنة بكرشي ما بيوصل و تقولين سمينة

  6. So this kinda scared me (not coz it bad or anything like that I love people that do thing to better themselves) but I’m m so much bigger then her and I don’t eat that much on a daily basis (like this diet is a lot of food like that is a lot of food)

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