Weight Loss Meal Plan

Full Day of Eating for Weight Loss from My GUILT FREE COOKBOOK (2000 calorie meal plan)

Full Day of Eating for Weight Loss from My GUILT FREE COOKBOOK (2000 calorie meal plan)

Full Day of Eating for Weight Loss from My GUILT FREE COOKBOOK (2000 calorie meal plan)

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NICOLE COLLET has a full day of eating in a calorie deficit from her guilt free cookbook for weight loss. These are the foods she eats after losing 130 pounds.

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DISCLAIMER: The information expressed in this video is based
on the personal experiences of Kyle and I and on our opinions,
and is intended for educational purposes only. This meal plan
is our own personal approach and what worked for us.
It is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice
or attention of certified health care professionals.
We are not physicians, registered dietitians, nutritionists,
or certified personal trainers. Please consult a physician
before beginning any nutrition or fitness program
including following the advice or opinions from this video.
Results are not guaranteed. Everyone has different
nutritional and caloric needs. Nicole Collet and Kyle Collet,
are not liable and/or responsible for any advice,
services, or product you obtain through this video.

*This is NOT a sponsored video.

Once again thank you so much for watching & we appreciate all the support!

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  1. Be careful with apple cider vinegar if you have dental issues. It eatts away the enamel so maybe brush after you use it.

  2. I'm sorry to keep commenting but I have to thank you about the cottage cheese. I sure hope I like it. I won't say my trigger food. But I'm addicted to something at Night that's sabotaging my diet. I think your idea might be a fantastic substitute! But HOW to get drinking all that water.. that's tough!!!!

  3. Nicole, I wish I knew your Italian name. My mother is 98.5 years old, with Alzheimers, but on most days she knows about this couple, the wife being Italian, and the success story of the two of you. I can't tell you how thrilled I am for the two of you. Keto treating each other with respect, and you'll both go far!

  4. All of the food looks really good. Great video. I really enjoy your videos and hope that I can succeed. I'm down 20 lb since July with calorie counting. Thanks for all of your tips in your videos.

  5. Quick Q: do you think I'll be able to adapt your recipes to here in South Africa in terms of ingredients? We have a wide range of whole healthy foods, Not as much junk food as USA.

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